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As a research and debate institution, Ifri attaches much importance to its research production, most of which is available on the present website.

Ifri's research is specifically policy oriented. It aims at assisting public actors or private companies in the decision-making process.

Ifri is responsible only to itself and determines its research schedule independently. All decisions about its programs, work methods and development are taken freely.

At the present moment, Ifri develops about fifteen research programs based on regional areas and cross-cutting issues. For this purpose it receives about thirty permanent researchers as well as guest foreign researchers. Most research programs are conducted in cooperation with counterpart researchers and institutes both in Europe and around the world.

Ifri attaches much importance to the dissemination of the results of its research studies through regular publications (Ramses, Politique étrangère) and collections such as Notes.

The Ifri website plays a leading role in exposing and promoting Ifri's work.



Ifri’s programs deal with the majors issues of today’s world: security, climate and energy, migration, economy, space, global governance and more.



With its regional programs, the institute monitors the main strategic areas of the world. Specific attention is given to the regular on-the-ground-presence of Ifri’s researchers and to the upkeep of a permanent dialog with local actors.