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05 Feb 2024

The French Approach to Female Violent Extremist Offenders In: Tanya Mehra, Thomas Renard and Merlina Herbach (eds.), Female Jihadis Facing Justice: Comparing Approaches in Europe, The Hague, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT), 2024

How are women jihadists prosecuted and sentenced in different European countries? What happens when they are incarcerated? What reintegration programs are in place for women formerly detained for terrorism-related offenses?

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25 Jan 2024

Replay - Paris Naval Conference 2024: The Evolving Role of the Carrier Strike Group

This second edition of the Paris Naval Conference, bringing together high-level speakers from France, the UK, the USA, Italy and India, and organized by Ifri and the French Navy, aimed to redefine the role of CSGs in a changing strategic...

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25 Jan 2024

How Can the Green Deal Adapt to a Brutal World? Ifri Studies, Ifri, January 2024

The European Green Deal has not been planned for the current extraordinarily deteriorated internal and external environment. Russia’s war in Ukraine, higher interest rates, inflation, strained public finances, weakened value chains, and lack of...

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24 Jan 2024

Evolution and Dynamics of the Space Industry in South Korea Asie.Visions, No. 137, Ifri, January 2024

By: Seungjoo LEE, Sangwoo SHIN

The advent of the 21st century has witnessed the rise of the space industry as a pivotal arena of technological innovation, economic opportunity, and geopolitical significance. Amidst this global landscape, South Korea has emerged as...

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19 Jan 2024

Taiwan's Elections: Victory but No Blank Check for William Lai Lettre du Centre Asie, No. 108, January 19, 2024

On January 13, 2024, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was reelected for an unprecedented third consecutive term since popular elections began in 1996.

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19 Jan 2024

China in International Space Cooperation: Heading South in: Alessandro Gili (eds), The Sky Is Not the Limit. Geopolitics and Economics of the New Space Race, ISPI, 2024

In only three decades, China has become one of the world’s top space powers. At the turn of the 2020s, almost suddenly, China became the main challenger to the US, although with a significant remaining gap to bridge.

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18 Jan 2024

Understanding the Role of Women in Nigeria’s Non-State Armed Groups and Security Architecture Ifri Papers, Ifri, January 2024

By: Michael NWANKPA

Since 1999, when Nigeria returned to civilian government after successive military regimes, it has continued to face enormous challenges to its legitimacy and monopoly of the use of force. 

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11 Jan 2024

First Year of Lula: Overview of the Political Situation in Brazil

Lula was elected President of the Republic on October 30, 2022, after a closer-thanexpected second round, with 50.9% of the votes cast and just 2.1 million votes over the incumbent, Jair Bolsonaro. His vice-president is Geraldo Alckmin, from...

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09 Jan 2024

Taiwan’s 2024 Elections: A Moving Political Landscape with China Remaining Front and Center Ifri Memos, January 9, 2024

On January 13th the young Taiwanese democracy will hold its 8th presidential election since direct universal suffrage began in 1996. The same day, the people of Taiwan will elect a new Parliament – the Legislative Yuan – which will start its...

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15 Dec 2023

Central Asia: Making Use of a Historic Opportunity Russie.Eurasie.Visions, No. 132, Ifri, December 2023

By: Vladislav INOZEMTSEV

This report analyzes the economic and geopolitical situation in Central Asia.

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11 Dec 2023

Climate, Finance, and Geopolitics: Human Self-delusions and the Challenges for Europe Briefings de l'Ifri, December 11, 2023

By: Sylvie GOULARD

The combination of geopolitical tensions, climate disruption, and the growing role of finance in the economy is taking us into uncharted territory. Until recently, each of these subjects was handled separately, but they are now inextricably...

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04 Dec 2023

Troubled Twins: The FCAS and MGCS Weapon Systems and Franco-German Co-operation Études de l’Ifri, December 2023

By: Johanna MÖHRING

The FCAS (Future Combat Air System) and the MGCS (Main Ground Combat System) represent the latest chapter in a more than seven decades-long history of Franco-German defense co-operation.

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01 Dec 2023

Kenya’s 2022 Election. Ruto’s Win and Intra-Elite Struggles Etudes de l'Ifri, Ifri, December 2023


This paper aims to highlight how and why William Ruto won the 2022 presidential elections against Raila Odinga by focusing on his political strategy before, during and after the campaign. 

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27 Nov 2023

Decarbonizing European Cities: How to Speed Up and Build Synergies? Notes de l'Ifri, Ifri, November 2023

Cities are on the front line for enabling governments to meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement. Although cities occupy only 2% of the earth’s surface, they are home to between 50 and 60% of the world’s population (70% by 2050...

06 Feb 2024

Without a Pact with Mercosur, the EU risks leaving China free in...

Marie KRPATA , interview by EFE Agencia (reproduced by 247. NewAgency)
The agreement EU-Mercosur It has been a banner of the recent protest by French farmers, who denounced unfair competition on the part of South...
29 Jan 2024

Iran’s allies are attacking the West. What happens next?

Héloïse FAYET, quoted by Gabriel Gavin in Politico
From Jordan to Lebanon to the Red Sea, attacks on U.S. and European interests are increasing.Tensions are rising in the Middle East after Washington...
07 Dec 2023

Italy's BRI withdrawal shines light on ties ahead of EU-China summit

Marc JULIENNE, quoted by Mailys Pene-Lassus and Zoe Frechin-Pollard in Nikkei Asia
PM Meloni makes move after calculating that membership failed to yield benefits.Italy's decision to pull out of China's Belt and Road Initiative has...
06 Dec 2023

Cracks In Western Support Pose New Challenge For Ukraine

Ukraine faces growing diplomatic headwinds after its summer counter-offensive against Russia's forces faltered, with aid from vital backers in the...
01 Dec 2023

Israel-Hamas War Exposes Divisions in France

In a polarized France, President Emmanuel Macron must navigate the conflict in a way that doesn’t further inflame the public or advantage his...
13 Nov 2023

'Joe Biden's economic record is not a good enough argument for the...

Laurence NARDON, quoted by Stéphane Lauer in Le Monde
As the incumbent US president prepares to run for a second term, Americans are not convinced that the Biden administration has improved their lives,...