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19 Dec 2018

Cooperating with African Armed Forces Focus stratégique, No. 76 bis, December 2018

Nowadays, numerous actors are involved in military cooperation programs aiming to strengthen African armed forces and build special partnerships. 

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18 Dec 2018

Deep Seabed Mining of Critical Metals: Strategic and Governance Challenges Édito Énergie, December 2018


Interest in deep seabed mining is growing due to the increasing in global demand for metals and recent technological progress. Critical metals are used in low carbon energy technologies, as well as in the mobility, electronics and the defense...

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18 Dec 2018

A Democratic Middle Class? Testing a Common Notion in Uganda L'Afrique en questions, No. 44, 17 December 2018


The middle classes have at times been heralded to be a guarantee for democracy. Studies that find a positive correlation (which should not be confused with causation) often use national economic data as a proxy for class and compare it to the...

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17 Dec 2018

China’s Ambitions in Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 112, Ifri, December 2018

By: Nadège ROLLAND

Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus have long been a blind-spot for Chinese diplomacy and economic policy. For over a decade, however, China has been laying the foundations of a long-term presence in the area, a process which has accelerated...

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12 Dec 2018

Between Giants: The Sino-Indian Cold War in the Indian Ocean Asie.Visions, No. 103, December 2018


Strategic competition between India and China in the Indian Ocean is growing and has the potential to profoundly impact the stability and security of the region. The Indian Ocean is becoming the scene of a sustained contest that in some ways...

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26 Nov 2018

The Indo-Pacific Vision in Strategic Limbo: A Foreign Policy Case Study for the Trump Era Asie Visions, No. 102, November 2018


The Trump Administration’s Indo-Pacific security strategy is a case study in foreign policymaking under a non-unitary executive.

21 Jan 2019

Merkel and Macron betray weakness with cautious Aachen treaty

Barbara KUNZ, quoted by Guy Chazan in Berlin and Victor Mallet in Paris for Financial Times
When Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron sign a new Franco-German treaty in the historic city of Aachen on Tuesday, there will be much soaring rhetoric...
20 Jan 2019

Macron Seeks a Dose of Charlemagne to Renew Merkel Partnership

Barbara KUNZ, quoted by Gregory Viscusi, Birgit Jennen, and Patrick Donahue in Bloomberg
When France and Germany sign a treaty on Tuesday in the historic border town of Aachen, it will be the culmination of 16 months of work by French...
15 Dec 2018

France's 'yellow vests' and the Russian trolls that encourage them

Russian social media trolls reportedly helped stoke the 'yellow vest' protests — France's largest demonstrations in years. DW talked to social media...
24 Oct 2018

Total CEO Steps Into Eye of Saudi Storm as Other Bosses Balk

Total SA boss Patrick Pouyanne proved once again that he’ll go where other business leaders fear to tread. The storm in Saudi Arabia caused by the...
10 Oct 2018

Belgium's creaky nuclear reactors raise risk of winter power outages

Carole MATHIEU, quoted by Ajit Niranjan in Deutsche Welle
Belgium is slowly phasing out its aging nuclear energy infrastructure. But looming winter weather, limited renewable options and a poorly connected...
28 Sep 2018

COMMENT: Does the Trump-led trade war with China threaten US energy...

President Trump is using tariffs and quotas as weapons in his trade dispute with China. Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe and Jean-François Boittin of think...