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28 Aug 2023

The Wind Rose’s Directions: Russia’s Strategic Deterrence during the First Year of the War in Ukraine Proliferation Papers, No. 65, August 2023

By: Anya FINK
Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, and even before February 2022, the Russian government has conducted intense nuclear rhetoric and actions.

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04 Aug 2023

Balance of Power in the Taiwan Strait in the Case of a Natural Disaster: Considering an Overlooked Scenario Lettre du Centre Asie, n° 106, August 4, 2023

By: Ryosuke HANADA

Scenario planning in the Taiwan Strait that solely assumes a situation without natural disasters or emergencies, where the military and government function as usual, falls short in preparing for more complex contingencies. 

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27 Jul 2023

China’s Weaponization of Gallium and Germanium: The Pitfalls of Leveraging Chokepoints Briefings de l'Ifri, July 27, 2023

China’s recent announcement of raw material export controls highlights important pitfalls of weaponized interdependence and demonstrates that not all chokepoints are created equal.

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27 Jul 2023

From a China strategy to no strategy at all: Exploring the diversity of European approaches A report of the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), July 2023

By: Bernhard BARTSCH, Claudia WESSLING, (eds.) with , Marc JULIENNE, John SEAMAN

While there is now new momentum in the relationship between Europe and China, considerable variation remains in approaches across the continent, from clear-cut strategies to more ambiguous policies, complicating a common European position.

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12 Jul 2023

High-Intensity Warfare: What Challenges for the French Armed Forces? Notes de l’Ifri, Ifri, July 2023

The new French Military Programming Law for 2024-2030 resolutely commits the French armed forces to the path of high intensity. However, this term continues to be the subject of debate and confusion within the defense community. <...>

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04 Jul 2023

A framework for a Win-Win Europe-Africa Energy and Climate Partnership Notes de l'Ifri

North-South tensions are exacerbated at a time of unprecedented turmoil for both Europeans and Africans. European polycrises (geopolitical, energy-related and economic) echo the systematic vulnerability of Africans, which is reinforced by...

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03 Jul 2023

The Exodus of the Century: A New Wave of Russian Emigration Russie.Eurasie.Visions, No. 129, Ifri, July 2023

By: Vladislav INOZEMTSEV

Russia’s assault on Ukraine not only changed the contours of world geopolitics; it deeply affected the fabric of Russian society, provoking a massive exodus of self-made and independent-minded people from the country.

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27 Jun 2023

France’s Place Within NATO: Toward a Strategic Aggiornamento? Focus stratégique, No. 115, June 2023

With a rapidly deteriorating security environment, a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, internal disputes exploding into public view, and questions being raised about the scope of its security responsibilities, the North Atlantic Treaty...

25 Sep 2023

Can Politics and Business Align? Policy, Transparency and Logistics

Marie KRPATA , interviewed by Nikos Papatolios in
Politics and business can be intertwined in many ways but also conflicting. This is especially the case regarding foreign investments and possible...
04 Aug 2023

Macron is not giving up France's role as a Pacific player

Céline PAJON, op-ed published in Nikkei Asia
President offers 'alternative' for states squeezed between U.S. and China
27 Jul 2023

Long-Term Operation Of Nuclear Plants Vital For Future Of Grid, Says...

Marc-Antoine EYL-MAZZEGA, interviewed by Kamen Kraev for NUCNET
Argument that reactors are expensive "does not hold any more", conference hears. Nuclear plants will be needed for the future stability of Europe’s...
11 Jul 2023

After the success of its army in Mozambique, Rwanda expects economic...

Benjamin AUGE, quoted by Pierre Lepidi in Le Monde 
Companies affiliated with the powerful Crystal Ventures holding company, the financial arm of Kigali's ruling party, are already present in...
06 Jul 2023

When the chips are down: China threatens to cut supply on rare...

Mathilde VELLIET, invited on The Debate, on France 24.
China has just announced controls on exports of rare minerals - gallium and germanium - whose production it dominates and which are essential for the...
24 Jun 2023

Dimitri Minic: 'The Kremlin's credibility has been shaken'

Dimitri MINIC, interviewed by Cédric Pietralunga in Le Monde
For this Russian army specialist, at least part of the armed forces rallying behind the founder of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, cannot be...