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28 Feb 2018

American primacy

By: Thierry de MONTBRIAL, an article in The Security Times

There are two main reasons the United States will maintain its primacy on the world stage. The first is that, in a world of weak or broken identities, theirs remains strong, despite racial tensions and the growth of social inequality. The US is...

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21 Feb 2018

Russo-British Relations in the Age of Brexit Russie.Nei.Reports, No. 22, Ifri, February 2018

By: Richard SAKWA

The paper examines the reasons for the poor state of relations between Russia and the United Kingdom, providing a brief historical and political account of why relations have deteriorated. The various options facing the UK after Brexit, and...

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23 Feb 2018

Angola under Lourenço. Towards a Negotiated Hegemony Notes de l'Ifri, February 2018

By: Mathias de ALENCASTRO

In a matter of months, Luanda politics became unrecognizable. The reasons why, and the ways in which, João Lourenço, President of Angola since september 2017, proceeded to these substantial and unexpected changes will be analyzed in detail in...

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20 Feb 2018

The EU Battery Alliance. Can Europe Avoid Technological Dependence? Edito Energie

With the launch of its “battery alliance”, the European Union is finally taking up the industrial battle with Asia and hopes to meet a large share of the surging demand for electrical batteries. Yet, the clock is ticking and the future of...

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19 Feb 2018

Renewable Energy in India: Solutions to the Financing Challenge Asie.Visions, No. 98, February 2018

By: Gireesh SHRIMALI

India has committed to ambitious action on climate change, but financing its renewable energy goals remains a significant challenge.

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19 Feb 2018

The Challenge of Urban Mobility. A Case Study of Addis Ababa Light Rail, Ethiopia Notes de l'Ifri, février 2018

In September 2015, Addis Ababa introduced the first Light Rail Transit system (LRT) in sub-Saharan Africa. This tram, a symbol of Ethiopian renewal, was nevertheless barely used by the capital’s residents during the first few months. However,...

16 Mar 2018

As fighting rages, can Russia forge a peace in Syria?

07 Mar 2018

Missiles of March: A political means of last resort for Putin

Pavel BAEV, published by the Brookings Institution
President Vladimir Putin’s extra-heavy emphasis on new strategic missile systems in his March 1 address to parliament was quite unexpected and rather...
28 Feb 2018

American primacy

There are two main reasons the United States will maintain its primacy on the world stage. The first is that, in a world of weak or broken...
26 Feb 2018

The new Mao? China to lift term limits for President Xi Jinping

Alice EKMAN, Guest of "The debate" on France 24 
Does China now have a president for life? China's leader Xi Jinping could stay in power indefinitely following the ruling Communist Party's proposal...
17 Feb 2018

Europe de la défense : les différences persistent entre Berlin et...

Barbara KUNZ, interview with Nathalie Guibert and Thomas Wieder, Le Monde  
The « coalition agreement » signed between Conservatives and Social Democrats in Germany on February 7th does not reveal any details on military...
16 Feb 2018

Macron wants a powerful EU

Barbara KUNZ, cited by Tove Gravdal in the Norwegian Morgenbladet.
French President Emmanuel Macron is accelerating EU defense cooperation. The biggest obstacle are the French-German cultural differences. Can...