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12 Feb 2018

Democracy in Asia: Models, Trends and Geopolitical Implications Lettre du Centre Asie, No. 73, February 2018

Assessing the state of democracy in Asia is a challenge. While some countries, such as Japan and India, have been showing the way from early days, some others, such as in Southeast Asia are still struggling to ensure stable and sustainable...

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31 Jan 2018

Beyond ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Putin: Debating Russia Policies in France and Germany Visions franco-allemandes, No. 28, Ifri, January 2018

Attitudes vis-à-vis Russia expressed in the public sphere are heterogeneous, in France more so than in Germany. In both France and Germany, the general public is by and large skeptical of Vladimir Putin and his policies. The picture is more...

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30 Jan 2018

Mixing Business with Europe: What Role for Companies on the Future of the EU Notes de l'Ifri, January 2018

The European Union is facing what the European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, calls a ‘polycrisis’. The EU is under increasing pressure to deliver and address citizens’ concerns.

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24 Jan 2018

Papua New Guinea: Continuing to Muddle Through Asie.Visions, No. 97, January 2018


Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world, but successive governments have failed to put the country on a stable development track.

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21 Dec 2017

Russian Spetsnaz, Contractors and Volunteers in the Syrian Conflict Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 105, Ifri, December 2017


This article focuses on a little-explored aspect of Russia’s intervention in Syria: the new and diverse expeditionary forces engaged on the Syrian frontlines alongside Russian regular armed forces.

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21 Dec 2017

A Brave New World for Trade Lettre du Centre Asie, No. 72, December 2017

The global environment for trade is undergoing significant changes. New emerging players such as China are aiming to adapt the rules and institutions inherited from the postwar Bretton Woods system.


13 Feb 2018

Day zero for Zuma? South Africa's president negotiates departure

Thierry VIRCOULON, in the Debate on France 24
It's a watershed moment for South Africa and the party of Nelson Mandela. The leadership of the African National Congress is expected to force out...
09 Feb 2018

Japan’s Own Belt and Road

Céline PAJON, quoted by Keith Johnson in Foreign Policy
Tokyo is ramping up international partnerships and investments to offer an alternative to Beijing’s signature foreign-policy project. For the first...
27 Jan 2018

The Raisina Dialogue: India's Answer to World Disruptions

If India has long been perceived, and rightly so, as a reluctant player in international affairs, but that perception is quickly coming to an end....
22 Jan 2018

Status quo of global trade at risk as technology ‘arms race’ looms...

The US and China are headed for a technological arms race that could disrupt the status quo of global trade, according to Thierry de Montbrial,...
08 Jan 2018

Macron in China: "The new Silk Road cannot be one-way"

Alice EKMAN, quoted by Catherine Hardy, Euronews (with Reuters).
"I came to tell you, is that Europe is back". French President Emmanuel Macron says China and Europe should work together on Beijing's "Belt and...
08 Jan 2018

IFRI's Alice Ekman on Emmanuel Macron's state visit to China

Alice EKMAN, interview for RFI English desk
On his first state visit to China, the French president has pushed for more European involvement in China's ambitious multi-billion dollar project to...