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02 Oct 2019

Sub-Surface Competition in the Euro-Atlantic Area: The Challenge to Western Dominance Editoriaux de l'Ifri, October 2019


Russia’s Syrian campaign has demonstrated the returning challenge the West faces in the underwater domain.

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23 Sep 2019

No Longer a Middle Power: Australia’s Strategy in the 21st Century Focus stratégique, No. 92, September 2019

By: Andrew CARR

Confronted with a strained strategic environment and a relative decline of its resource base, Australia is currently going through a historical shift of its global status. 

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27 Sep 2019

US-China Relations: A Structural Clash Commentary, ISPI, September 27th, 2019

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, if not from the birth of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) itself, relations with United States have proven to be a central factor in China’s strategic calculus and a major...

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19 Sep 2019

(De)globalization of International Plastic Waste Trade: Stakes at Play and Perspectives Édito Énergie, September 2019

By: Eugénie JOLTREAU

The world plastic production has been multiplied by 23 since 1964 to reach 348 million tonnes (mt) in 2017. This production level is expected to double in the next 20 years, largely because of the significant growth in plastic consumption in...

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19 Sep 2019

China’s Ambiguous Positions on Climate and Coal Édito Énergie, September 2019


China’s 2018 energy consumption data capture the ambiguity of Beijing’s attitude toward climate change. Energy demand rose by 3.5% to 3,155 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe), with an increase of coal consumption (though its share in the...

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16 Sep 2019

Accelerating the Energy Transition in the Southern Mediterranean Edito Energie, September 2019

By: S. Duygu SEVER

The Mediterranean region has been identified as one of the most affected regions by climate change endangering human security at the food-water-energy nexus. 

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17 Sep 2019

Prospects for the New EU Strategy on India: Game Changer or Business as Usual? Asie.Visions, No. 108, September 2019

By: Garima MOHAN

The new European Union (EU) strategy on India marks a major moment of departure in EU-India relations.

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10 Sep 2019

China’s Quest for Gas Supply Security: The Global Implications Etudes de l'Ifri, September 2019

The major transformations that are occurring on the Chinese gas market have profound repercussions on the global gas and LNG markets, especially on trade, investment and prices. In just two years, China has become the world’s first gas importer...

03 Oct 2019

France vows sanctions if US goes ahead with planned EU tariffs

France and the European Union are ready to respond "with sanctions" if the United States rejects talks over the Airbus trade dispute, French Finance...
01 Oct 2019

Academic: Higher carbon price needed to ramp up EU biomethane...

Marc-Antoine EYL-MAZZEGA, interview by Frédéric Simon, Euractiv
The price of CO2 credits on Europe’s emissions trading scheme needs to rise to around €50 per tonne in order to drive the long-term development of...
30 Sep 2019

The future of biogas in Europe: it’s a local affair

Marc-Antoine EYL-MAZZEGA, quoted by Frédéric Simon in Euractiv
The prospects for biogas in Europe look bright, with conservative estimates pointing to a tenfold increase in production by 2030. However, the...
16 Sep 2019

Naftogaz vs Gazprom: Infinity War

Energy has been at the heart of Ukraine's troubles with Russia over the past two decades, typically as a means for Moscow to pressure its former...
08 Sep 2019

France pushes risky bet on detente with Moscow

Tatiana KASTOUEVA-JEAN, quoted by Valérie Leroux for AFP / Yahoo
Paris (AFP) - French President Emmanuel Macron senses an opportunity to bring Russia's Vladimir Putin back in from the cold and potentially help...
05 Sep 2019

Battered by trade war, Merkel begins controversial China trip

John SEAMAN, quoted by Hans Von der Burchard and Joshua Posaner in Politico
Critics fear Germany could put European unity on the line. Angela Merkel will have to tread carefully on her visit to China this week to avoid...