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Wednesday 24 May 2017

interview by Clémence Olivier for Europe 1

Philippines' President wants to limit islamist groups' capacity after several attacks in the South of the country.

Saturday 22 April 2017

cited in VICE News

Russia is trying to “sow chaos” in Europe by betting big on Marine Le Pen and France's far right.

Saturday 15 April 2017
Thierry de MONTBRIAL

in "Global Agenda", NHK Wolrd

The UK leaving the EU. Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election. The crushing defeat of Italy's prime minister in a national referendum. 2016 was a year of massive change led by...

Wednesday 29 March 2017

With just a few weeks left until French voters head to the polls, far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen made her way to Moscow for a surprise meeting with Russian...

Wednesday 15 March 2017

The Netherlands and France are not the only founding member states of the European Union that see extreme right party’s on the rise. The “Alternative für Deutschland” gathers 10 percent of voting...

Friday 10 March 2017

PARIS — When the State Department released its annual human rights report last week, it contained many of the usual...

Thursday 08 December 2016

Eager to better understand the reasons and consequences of the election of Donald Trump, more than 160...

In preparation for the IGU World Gas Conference (Paris, 2-5 June 2015), the Ifri Center for Energy and Clingendael International...

In the wake of Hillary Clinton's announcement that she will seek the presidency, discover IFRI's pieces on the 2016 election. 

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