François GAULME

Associate Resarch Fellow, Sub-Sahara Africa Center

Research Interests: 

  • France’s and UK’s African policy
  • Security and Development; integrated approach
  • International aid mechanisms 
  • Historical anthropology
  • Gabon, Congo- Brazzaville, Central and Western Africa 


François Gaulme, an anthropologist and historian by training, is an Associate Research Fellow at Ifri’s Sub-Sahara Africa Center. A former Editor of the weekly Marchés tropicaux and the quarterly Afrique contemporaine, he lectured on Africa at the Institut d’études politiques, at the Catholic University of Paris, and at the Saint-Cyr National Military Academy.

He recently retired from service at the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His publications include Le Gabon et son ombre [Gabon and its Shadow] (Paris, Karthala, 1988), several collective books on Africa, and many anthropological and international relations papers.

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Both perpetrators and forms of violence change. States are no longer the central referents of contemporary conflicts. We can no longer understand them as the outcome of a linear history starting from tribal societies and leading to Western political structures.

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