Military fellow within the Defense Research Unit of IfriI’s Center for Security Studies.

Areas of expertise:

  • Air-land warfare
  • Role and challenges of Army's employment
  • Evolution of warfare
  • National territory

Lieutenant colonel Pierre Néron-Bancel is a French Army officer working as a military fellow within the Defense Research Unit of IFRI’s Center for Security Studies, where his works focus mainly on French security and strategic challenges, more specifically on the future of land warfare, as well as the strategic role of the Army. He is graduated from Saint-Cyr, the French Army officer school, and from the Ecole de Guerre, as well as from the UK Advanced Command and Staff Course and holds a master's degree in International Relations and Strategy. A Foreign Legion officer, he served with the 13th Half brigade of the Foreign Legion in Djibouti, then in the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment near Marseille. He has been deployed in many operations overseas in Africa and in Middle-East as well as on the French soil.

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