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Biden's First 100 Days Les Jeudis de l'Ifri

A "Les Jeudis de l'Ifri" videoconférence around Laurence NARDON, head of Ifri's North America program.

Up to today, whether with the vaccination campaign, the scale of the economic stimulus packages, or the steadfastness shown in the face of the Russian and Chinese leaders, President Biden has surprised with his pragmatism and his energy. If the professionalism of his teams contrasts with the practice of his predecessor, he nevertheless adopted some of the latter's policies, such as the return to certain forms of protectionism. Far from being a mere "Obama third term", the Biden presidency could thus be transformative in many ways.


Chair : Thomas Gomart, director of Ifri.


This debate is for corporate members only. It will be conducted in French.


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For further information on this debate, please contact Sandrine Bañales, corporate and embassies memberships coordinator:  banales@ifri.org, 01 40 61 60 21.

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