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California in United States

La Californie : laboratoire de la dépolarisation ? Chroniques américaines, December 2014

California benefits from a long-time extraordinarily positive image. Because of its climate, its cultural diversity, its size, its population and its energy wealth, California itself represents the essence of the American dream, every day attracting new hopeful migrants.

Since the 1970s however, the state suffers from some dysfunctionings in its political system. If the budgetary problem seems to have been solved, at least temporarily, by governor Jerry Brown, two electoral reforms adopted in 2010 - the "Proposals 14 and 20-" seem to be able to check the drift of Californian politics towards polarization. If these effects confirm, they could be used as a model for the rest of the country.

This paper is published in French only – La Californie : laboratoire de la dépolarisation ?

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