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A Mauritanian soldier takes aim during basic rifle marksmanship training during Flintlock 2013.

Cooperating with African Armed Forces Focus stratégique, No. 76 bis, December 2018

Nowadays, numerous actors are involved in military cooperation programs aiming to strengthen African armed forces and build special partnerships. 


These programs consist of training and the deployment of military advisors, as well as material and financial support to various sub-Saharan African forces. Military cooperation faces a number of constraints, however, due to the “patchwork” nature of many African armed forces and, in many cases, their lack of professionalization. Although military cooperation may sometimes leave advisors frustrated, its impact in Africa is undeniable and perceptible in the long term, making it a highly important strategic tool. Nevertheless, military cooperation is facing serious challenges, and there is still a long way to go. To that end, cooperation will have to be engendered from the bottom up, with the deployment of advisors at the operational level, as well as from the top down, with the introduction of security sector reforms to facilitate the progressive yet sustained changes that African forces need.

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Cooperating with African armed forces
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