Reports Focus Stratégique
Michel BAUD

Cyberguerre : En quête d'une stratégie Focus stratégique, n° 44, mai 2013

Cyberspace, as a major but intricate field of action, represents both a challenge and a great strategic advantage. At a time when information technology affects all relationships at a global level, states are destabilized by growing dependence on computer data which puts their militaries at risk.

Cyberguerre. En quête d'une stratégie

No clear international strategy has yet been developed to face this critical issue. Though it could significantly increase military potential, "cyber" remains however a threat without appropriate solutions. Asymmetric actors, the diversity of cyber-weapons as well as the lack of borders are the main features of this space that should be assessed. This cyber-expertise should clarify among others concepts such as “cyber-warfare” and “cyber-deterrence”, as well as create a proper “cyber-strategy” at the national level. Only by establishing a credible doctrine, hiring and retaining a specialized staff, states could conduct cyber-operations.

This paper is in French only – Cyberguerre : En quête d'une stratégie


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