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Russia, a Weak Power? / Climate: Before the Paris Conference Politique étrangère, Vol. 80, No. 2, Summer 2015

FOCUS Russia, a Weak Power?

Russia, a Revisionist Power? by Fiodor Loukianov

From Russia’s Grand Strategy to the Limited War by Thomas Gomart

Vladimir Putin’s Non-Economic Logic by Ioulia Joutchkova and Vladislav Inozemtsev

Is Putin’s System Built to Last? by Tatiana Kastouéva-Jean


COUNTERPOINT Climate: Before the Paris Conference

Climate: Injustice for the South by Sunita Narain (read the article in French)

COP21: What are the Odds for Success? by Christian de Perthuis and Raphaël Trotignon



Issues in the Libyan Crisis by Archibald Gallet (read the article in French)

Israel and Hezbollah: The New Strategic Equation by Jean-Loup Samaan

Defeating Daesh: A Financial and Military Campaign by Myriam Benraad

South Sudan: From Disaster to Chaos by Marc-André Lagrange

Boko Haram, an Exception within the Jihadist Movement? by Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos



The Country Risk Concept by Norbert Gaillard

Terrorism and Counter-Radicalization: the Danish Model by Lars Erslev Andersen



Le piège Daech. L’État islamique ou le retour de l’Histoire bt Pierre-Jean Luizard ; Le retour des djihadistes. Aux racines de l’État islamique by Patrick Cockburn, review by Myriam Benraad

You can read in French the Editorial of Politique étrangère, vol. 80, n° 2, été 2015

You can read in French the Book reviews of Politique étrangère, vol. 80, n° 2, été 2015


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