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Geopolitics of fossil fuels


This area deals with global geopolitical trends of the oil, gas and coal sectors, with a focus on short and longer term trends in demand and supply.


The US shale gas revolution has shaken global gas markets. The US is on the eve of becoming self-sufficient in natural gas (and oil), thanks to the massive discoveries of unconventional resources on their territory, while being able to export part of their production. These developments have...

By: Maïté de BONCOURT

The wave of deep offshore and unconventional gas and oil exploration projects, rendered economically feasible by relatively high prices and new technologies, has reached the shores of the Mediterranean. Levantine countries, including Cyprus, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Syria,...

By: Anthony LIVANIOS

For more than ten years, harsh negotiations among different oil majors and pipeline consortia have been taking place about the Southern Gas Corridor, all of them seeking to transit 10 bcm/year of natural gas that will be produced from the Shah Deniz giant gas field of Azerbaijan to the...


Over the last ten years, Kuwait's power consumption has doubled. This rising need for electricity has been mainly driven by the fast population growth rate, the increasing need for desalinated water, accounting for 93% of water consumption, and the economic development of the country.


The futuristic green city of Masdar in the United Arab Emirates or the latest announcements of Saudi Arabia which might now well become the new Eldorado for solar energy companies have a clear marketing varnish. But if they are showcases of green ambitions, they nonetheless reflect the...


One can’t help but be struck by the irony earlier this week of Russian President (ad-interim) Medvedev celebrating the landing of gas in Lubmin Germany from the Nordstream gas pipeline from Russia while Former President and President-in-waiting Putin welcomes Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to seek...

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