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Tensions are escalading in the Indian Ocean
Tensions are escalading in the Indian Ocean

Between Giants: The Sino-Indian contest for influence in the Indian Ocean Seminar

China and India are emerging as major maritime powers as part of long-term shifts in the regional balance of power.

As their wealth, interests, and power grow, the two countries are increasingly bumping up against each other across the Indo-Pacific. China’s growing naval presence in the Indian Ocean is seen by many as challenging India’s aspirations towards regional leadership and major power status. How India and China get along in this shared maritime space—cooperation, coexistence, competition, or confrontation—will be one of the key strategic challenges for the entire region.


Presenter: David Brewster, Senior Research Fellow with the National Security College, Australian National University, and editor and co-author of India and China at Sea: Competition for Naval Dominance in the Indian Ocean, Oxford University Press, 2017.


Discussant: Isabelle Saint-Mézard, Associate Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


Chair: Françoise Nicolas, Director, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


The discussions will be held in English.


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