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Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant in the California Mojave Desert, United States - Piotr Zajda

Storage Integration in Energy Systems: A New Perspective Notes de l'Ifri

The purpose of this paper is to go through the transformations that new modes of energy storage – mostly batteries – are expected to bring to the energy systems. 


Energy storage is partly an “old story” and a new one. Energy storage is an essential stabilizing factor in existing electrical systems. Looking forward, energy storage is being considered as a key element of the transformation of energy systems, given the higher shares of renewable generation integrating the systems and demand-side management offered to end-customers. Today, the cost of electricity produced from battery storage is approaching parity with electricity bought from the grid. For this trend to gain strength and energy storage to be part of new business models, energy policies and regulatory frameworks need to be adapted.

Storage Integration in Energy Systems: A New Perspective
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