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Ifri-Policy Center for the New South


After a first phase (2011-2013) that enabled to produce several studies and debates centered in particular around the Maghreb, the Middle East and Africa, the partnership between Ifri and the Policy Center for the New South aims to ''broaden the spectrum of research work to other regional and / or cross-cutting themes. This partnership is based on two pillars, studies and conferences, and calls on the various research units of Ifri, as well as associated researchers.


Project Officer to the Director of Ifri and Project Officer of the "Ifri-Policy Center for the New South" Partnership

By: Nezha ALAOUI

While largely interrupted by the colonial period premise, trade relations between the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa have enjoyed a new boom with the independence era. However, until the end of the 1990s, the African policy of the three Maghreb countries significantly impacted their economic...

By: Jean-Luc PEDUZZI

On November 5th 2009, a cocaine-loaded Boeing 727 aircraft arriving from Venezuela was discovered torched and emptied on a makeshift airstrip in the Malian desert (Gao region). The sahel-saharan area is clearly a contact zone between very distant worlds.

By: Charles GREMONT

This contribution consists in analyzing the unifying or opposing relations between the central State-power and the southern part of central-Saharan populations, mainly Arabs and Tuaregs, within the relational framework of colonial and Malian armed forces.

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