Jean-Louis LOZIER

Advisor, Security Studies Center

Research Interests:

  • Nuclear deterrence
  • Naval and maritimes issues
  • Arctic

Jean-Louis Lozier is an Advisor to Ifri's Security Studies Center and a naval officer who served during 39 years in the French Navy. He left active duty in august 2020. He entered the naval academy in 1981. His career at sea has been mainly onboard submarines. He commanded one SSN (1997-1999) and two SSBNs (2004-2006). Jean-Louis Lozier attended the staff course (ACSC3) in the UK, holds a MA in defense studies from King’s college, and attended the NATO defense college senior course 113.

Promoted flag officer in 2012, he held during eight years high responsibility assignments, among them head of the nuclear forces directorate (2012-2014) and inspector of nuclear weapons (2014-2015). As vice-admiral, he was from 2018 to 2020 « préfet maritime de l’Atlantique » (coordination of governmental action at sea) and commanding operations in the Atlantic and Arctic areas.

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Through multiple international initiatives, including the creation of the Arctic Council at the end of the Cold War in 1996, the Arctic appears to be one of the last areas of peaceful cooperation in the world. This “Arctic exception” is also devoid of any serious territorial dispute between...

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