Director of Ifri's Russia / Eurasia Center

Research Interests:

  • Evolution of Russian domestic and foreign policies
  • Soft power
  • Ukraine
  • Russian higher education
  • Human capital


Tatiana Kastueva-Jean has been the Director of Ifri's Russia / Eurasia Center since 2014. She holds a degree from the State University of Ekaterinbourg, a Franco-Russian Master in International Relations from the University of Sciences Po/MGIMO in Moscow, and a DEA (Diplôme d'études approfondies) in International Relations from the University of Marne-la-Vallée in France. 

Tatiana Kastueva-Jean is the chief editor of the Russie.Eurasie.Visions collection.

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In this original book, ten key experts explore four main themes: EU-Russia relationship background; energy security and its implications on Russian foreign policy and the European market; implementation of international norms by Russia; and security issues in the Caucasus and Central Asia.


Due to its Soviet legacy, Russia has gained a reputation for having a well-trained population and efficient educational system. The facts on the ground are obviously more ambiguous, however. The veritable 'boom' of higher education and the good results of some well-known universities hide the...


Few regional areas have stimulated as much interest and speculations as Russia and the New Independent States.Emerging from the transition years through different ways, these countries are facing individual as well as joint challenges. In this original book, eleven key experts explore the...

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