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17 Dec 2019

U.S. public opinion and the 2020 campaign: an interview with John Zogby

By: John Zogby

John Zogby, Senior Partner, John Zogby Strategies LLC and Founder, The Zogby Poll speaks about U.S. public opinion and the 2020 campaign on the sidelines of Ifri's 18th annual U.S. conference held on December 6, 2019.

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09 Dec 2019

Is a 'Reset' Between France and Russia Needed and, If So, Is It Possible? Russia Matters, December 9, 2019

As Emmanuel Macron hosts Angela Merkel, Vladimir Zelenskiy, and Vladimir Putin for a summit aimed at resolving the Ukraine conflict, it is worth taking stock of the French leader’s Russia policy to try to discern what Paris’s policy toward...

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03 Dec 2019

The Development of Hydrocarbons in East Africa: Political and Security Challenges Notes de l'Ifri, December 2019

East Africa has the potential to experience a gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) export boom in the coming years due to several projects that have been released. 

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03 Dec 2019

Angola under Joao Lourenço: Who Are the New Players of MPLA State? Notes de l'Ifri, December 2019

In 2017, the coming to power of João Lourenço put an end to nearly four decades of rule by the former head of state, José Eduardo Dos Santos. 

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29 Nov 2019

China’s Social Credit System: A Chimera with Real Claws Asie.Visions, No. 110, November 2019

By: Séverine ARSÈNE

China's Social Credit System remains a poorly understood combination of rating schemes and blacklists, but the consequences for individuals and businesses are very real.

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25 Nov 2019

What Does It Mean to Be a European Defense Company Today? Éditoriaux de l'Ifri, November 2019

By: Daniel FIOTT

In many ways, defense firms in Europe should be pleased with the recent uptick in defense spending. 

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19 Nov 2019

What Is a Think Tank? A French Perspective Etudes de l'Ifri, November 2019

The French Institute of International Relations (Ifri) celebrated its 40th anniversary in the spring of 2019, in a completely different environment to when it was founded, which was dominated by the competition between the two ...

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12 Nov 2019

What Is Digital Power? Etudes de l'Ifri, November 2019

Digital power refers to any actor’s ability to exploit digital data to help influence the behavior of other actors on the international stage and to achieve its own ends. It is about understanding how it influences events in the real world,...

04 Dec 2019

NATO Took Some Knocks But Survives Its 70th Anniversary Party

NATO’s 70th turned out to be less like a birthday party and more a Thanksgiving dinner for a large dysfunctional family: Not all of them got on, a...
03 Dec 2019

France says EU ready to respond strongly to latest US tariff threat...

French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday that the US threat to impose duties of up to 100% on ‎€2.17 billion in imports from France was...
03 Dec 2019

Emmanuel Macron's openness toward Russia is testing the patience of...

Thierry de MONTBRIAL, quoted by Jim Bittermann on CNN
Paris (CNN) - Nobody likes to hear that an old friend is "brain dead," so perhaps it's not surprising that France's allies seem to be going through...
26 Nov 2019

Budget Dramaturgy

Éric-André MARTIN, an article published on Visegrad Insight
The debate on the financial perspectives of the European Union (EU) is traditionally part of a complex dramaturgy, which borders on the cacophony:...
03 Oct 2019

France vows sanctions if US goes ahead with planned EU tariffs

France and the European Union are ready to respond "with sanctions" if the United States rejects talks over the Airbus trade dispute, French Finance...
01 Oct 2019

Academic: Higher carbon price needed to ramp up EU biomethane...

Marc-Antoine EYL-MAZZEGA, interview by Frédéric Simon, Euractiv
The price of CO2 credits on Europe’s emissions trading scheme needs to rise to around €50 per tonne in order to drive the long-term development of...