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23 May 2023

How the Russian Army Changed its Concept of War, 1993-2022 Journal of Strategic Studies, May 2023

The traditional and high-intensity war that has occurred in Ukraine since Russia decided to invade raises a key issue: did post-soviet Russian strategic thought really prepare Russia for waging this war?

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10 May 2023

EU's China policy staying on track despite intensifying debate Think China, May 2023

While French President Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to China is viewed by some to be an exercise in stirring the pot, this does not mean that the European boat has veered off course. The EU is used to robust debate among and within member...

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27 Apr 2023

China in the Race to Low Earth Orbit: Perspectives on the future internet constellation Guowang Asie.Visions, No. 136, April 2023

In April 2021, the Chinese government officially, but rather quietly, established a new state-owned enterprise (SOE) named China SatNet. Its mission: build out China’s “mega-constellation” program for low Earth orbiting internet satellites,...

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26 Apr 2023

Balancing Security and Innovation: Opposition's View on Turkey's Digital Policies Notes de l'Ifri, April 2023

By: Hasan Selim ÖZERTEM, Ussal ŞAHBAZ

The upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey on May 14, 2023, are expected to be closely contested. Polls suggest that the ruling AK Party-led People’s Alliance will lose its majority in parliament, resulting in a hung...

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19 Apr 2023

The Europeanisation of the Energy Transition in Central and Eastern EU Countries: An Uphill Battle that Can Be Won Notes de l'Ifri, April 2023

Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the brutal decoupling from Russian fossil fuels, is a game changer for the Central and Eastern Europe region which was still heavily dependent on Russia for its energy supply. 

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12 Apr 2023

The Strategic Repositioning of LNG: Implications for Key Trade Routes and Choke Points Études de l'Ifri, Ifri, April 2023


2022 saw the climax so far of the weaponization of energy. Following its geopolitical demise, Russia has undertaken its own gas amputation, moving from a super energy power status to a diminished role with uncertain prospects and only hard...

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01 Apr 2023

China/United States: Europe off Balance Études de l'Ifri, Ifri, April 2023

As French President Emmanuel Macron (accompanied by Ursula von der Leyen) is on a state visit to China, some twenty Ifri researchers decipher the stakes of the U.S./China/Europe strategic triangle.

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14 Apr 2023

Reshuffling Value Chains - South Korea as a Case Study Asie.Visions, No. 135, April 2023

Despite all the talks about the reshuffling of value-chains and the trend to a form of industrial “Desinicization” (or decoupling/disengagement from China), the example of South Korea does not vindicate such assertions.

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07 Apr 2023

Russia’s Mining Strategy: Geopolitical Ambitions and Industrial Challenges Russie.Eurasie.Reports, No. 43, Ifri, April 2023

In addition to being a leading gas and oil power, Russia also possesses vast geological resources that place it among the world’s leading mining countries.

11 May 2023

Japan PM Kishida’s Africa tour lays groundwork for G7 summit, as...

Céline PAJON, quoted by Maria Siow in the SCMP
While the impact of Kishida’s tour is ‘marginal, it can still send ‘a message of solidarity’ that it intends to take the continent’s concerns...
27 Apr 2023

Macron's Taiwan comments expose muddled China policy

Marc JULIENNE, quoted by Shoko Akagawa in the Nikkei Asia
French President Emmanuel Macron's call for Europe to steer clear of a Taiwan conflict -- rooted in France's pride and deep-seated resistance to...
12 Apr 2023

France's Macron is sending China the wrong signals

Céline PAJON, wrote an opinion published in Nikkei Asia
More realistic posture would strengthen Paris' role in Indo-Pacific region
11 Apr 2023

France’s Macron Renews Call for a Sovereign Europe Less Reliant on...

Marc JULIENNE, quoted by Noemie Bisserbe in the Wall Street Journal
French president’s remarks follow criticism over his warning that Europe should steer clear of U.S.-China tensions over...
11 Apr 2023

Does Macron's stance on Taiwan weaken G7 deterrence against China?

Céline PAJON, quoted by Gabriel Dominguez in the Japan Times
One of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s top goals for next month’s Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima is to create a united front on issues like China...
09 Apr 2023

In the middle of the race, the Franco-German motor seems to be...

Marie KRPATA , interviewed by Alexandre Pele in Chronicles Course of Governance
Faced with the risk of losing investments in the technologies of the future, due to subsidies that its global competitors are pumping into their...