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26 Mar 2024

Tailoring Deterrence for the High North: Nuclear Consequences of Sweden’s Accession to NATO Ifri Memos, Ifri, March 26, 2024


The Finnish and Swedish accessions to NATO enable the Alliance to play a more active role in the Baltic region.


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22 Mar 2024

Russia’s Ideological Construction in the Context of the War in Ukraine Russie.Eurasie.Reports, No. 46, Ifri, March 2024

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Russian government has been proactive in the ideological realm to ensure the sustainability of the war for Russian society. 

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18 Mar 2024

Germany’s Strategy on Climate Foreign Policy: Balancing Sustainable Development and Energy Security Ifri Studies, Ifri, March 2024

With the war in Ukraine, Germany’s “traffic light” coalition government has had to adapt its climate policy to the upheavals caused by this war, which has turned its economic, energy, and military model upside down. Against a backdrop of high...

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12 Mar 2024

Cross-border Dynamics in Terrorist Mobility and Infiltration along the East African Coastlines Ifri Studies, Ifri, March 2024

By: Fathima Azmiya BADURDEEN

This paper looks at how terrorism has thrived in the East African region, the evolving nature of criminality and terrorism, and the crime-terror nexus in the coastal and maritime areas of East Africa. The emphasis of the analysis is on the...

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04 Mar 2024

Why Chinese Fintechs Have Failed to Reshuffle International Finance Ifri Memos, Ifri, March 4, 2024


New Chinese financial technologies, including unparalleled electronic payment systems, have so far failed to threaten U.S. financial dominance.

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01 Mar 2024

Electric Vehicles: A Strong and Still Understated Performance Ifri Memos, Ifri, March 2024

Electric vehicles (EVs) are better for the climate – even in worst-case scenarios. Across its life cycle, a typical European electric car produces less greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutants or noise than its petrol or diesel equivalent....

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09 Feb 2024

South Korea’s Emergence as a Defense Industrial Powerhouse Asie.Visions, Ifri, No. 139, February 2024

By: Wooyeal PAIK

In recent years, South Korea’s ascent in the global arms market has been remarkable. This surge, particularly amid a shifting geopolitical landscape and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia War, has captured the attention of security watchers worldwide.<...>

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07 Feb 2024

Indonesia’s 2024 Presidential Elections: Campaigning for Continuity Ifri Memos, ifri, February 7, 2024

By: Juliette LOESCH

Indonesia is gearing up for its next general election on February 14, with a potential runoff scheduled in late June. This major electoral process will determine the nation’s next president and vice-president since incumbent President Joko...

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05 Feb 2024

The French Approach to Female Violent Extremist Offenders In: Tanya Mehra, Thomas Renard and Merlina Herbach (eds.), Female Jihadis Facing Justice: Comparing Approaches in Europe, The Hague, International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT), 2024

How are women jihadists prosecuted and sentenced in different European countries? What happens when they are incarcerated? What reintegration programs are in place for women formerly detained for terrorism-related offenses?

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25 Jan 2024

How Can the Green Deal Adapt to a Brutal World? Ifri Studies, Ifri, January 2024

The European Green Deal has not been planned for the current extraordinarily deteriorated internal and external environment. Russia’s war in Ukraine, higher interest rates, inflation, strained public finances, weakened value chains, and lack of...

28 Mar 2024

China adds new moon base project partners, but struggles to attract...

Marc JULIENNE, quoted by Andrew Jones in Space News
China continues to add new members to its International Lunar Research Station initiative, but many of these are subnational, suggesting issues...
24 Mar 2024

How Macron and Scholz broke the Franco-German alliance at the heart...

Jeanette SÜẞ, quoted by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet in The Telegraph
Breakdown of continental partnership is a threat to Europe – and could be catastrophic for Ukraine. It was meant to be a patching up of the...
20 Mar 2024

Europe Yearns to Be an Indo-Pacific Player

Jérémy BACHELIER, quoted by Keith Johnson in Foreign Policy
There is a war on at home, but Europe’s strategic and naval aspirations are on the far side of the world. After years in search of a geopolitical...
15 Mar 2024

“Broken” Franco-German tandem needs Tusk and Trump

Marie KRPATA , quoted by Nick Alipour and Théo Bourgery-Gonse in Euractiv
As the vital relationship between Franco-German leaders Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron appears “broken”, hopes for a sustainable fix rest on the...
14 Mar 2024

Macron and Scholz Meet to Patch up Their Fraying Ties

Éric-André MARTIN, quoted by Guy Chazan in Berlin and Leila Abboud in Paris in Financial Times
Allies fret that Franco-German animosity is undermining western unity over Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron will arrive in Berlin on Friday for talks...
26 Feb 2024

As China’s Pacific influence grows, Japan eyes deeper ties with...

Céline PAJON, quoted by Maria Siow in SCMP
Japan has supported the region by setting up hospitals, building roads and bridges, and assisting in climate change mitigation and disaster relief....