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21 Nov 2022

European Green Deal, Three Years Later

By: Diana-Paula GHERASIM, interviewed by Rim Berahab via the organisation Policy Center for the New South

The European Green Deal (EGD) is the single most defining policy initiative of the Von der Leyen Commission. Since its publication in December 2019, it has become the European Union’s (EU) new raison d’être.

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03 Nov 2022

France and AUKUS: Bouncing Back to Live up to Pacific Challenges Briefings de l’Ifri, 3 novembre 2022

Back in September 2021, the announcement of AUKUS – the defense partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) was a shock to Paris.

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24 Oct 2022

Russia’s War in Ukraine: Misleading Doctrine, Misguided Strategy Russie.Nei.Reports, No. 40, Ifri, October 2022

The blame for committing the blunder of starting the war with Ukraine is deservedly placed on President Vladimir Putin, but a single-explanation interpretation of the unfolding disaster is unsatisfactory.

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21 Oct 2022

COP27: Will Egypt Bring New Life to Climate Conferences? Briefings de l'Ifri, October 21, 2022

By: Thibaud VOÏTA

The COP26, held at the end of 2021 in Glasgow, was emphatically heralded as “the last best hope for the world to get its act together”.

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15 Oct 2022

Whither China After 10 Years of Economic Policies Guided by Xi? ISPI Commentary

By: Françoise NICOLAS, for the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)

As the 20th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) draws closer, this is an opportune moment to appraise China’s economic achievements over the past decade under President Xi Jinping’s guidance and to identify the challenges the...

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17 Oct 2022

A Green-Blue Alliance in Motion: Pacific Island Countries and Europe Fighting Climate Change Briefings de l’Ifri, October 2022

The Pacific Islands Countries (PICs) were the first to ratify the Paris climate agreement in 2015. Indeed, for them, climate change has had very concrete implications for years. Islanders have seen the sea level rising, endangering the very...

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13 Oct 2022

The European Union Industrial Strategy: Reconciling Competition and Geoeconomic Challenges Notes du Cerfa, No. 172, Ifri, October 2022

The EU’s basic assumptions, on which it grounds its economic and trade power, are being steadily cast into doubt. The EU’s main trade partners, the US and China, increasingly set their sights on securing their supply chains, which may further a...

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11 Oct 2022

Modernizing the People's Liberation Army: The Human Factor Asie.Visions, n° 130, October 2022


The tremendous demographic challenges facing China will not significantly affect the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in the immediate future, but will become more problematic in the medium and long term. The rapid aging of the population and the...

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11 Oct 2022

The EU’s Power System by 2030: Navigating the Crisis and Keeping the Decarbonization Cap (video)

Replay from Ifri's conference at the European Parliament in Brussels (October 11, 2022). The combination of the climate crisis and Russia’s war in Ukraine makes the case for a much faster transition to a fully decarbonized power system....

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12 Oct 2022

“Open” Telecom Networks (Open RAN): Towards a Reconfiguration of International Competition in 5G? Notes de l'Ifri

In line with the anti-Huawei diplomatic campaign of the Trump and Biden administrations, the United States has promoted an alternative: Open RAN, a concept defined by "open" network architectures. At the intersection of 5G geopolitics and...

21 Nov 2022

European Green Deal, Three Years Later

Diana-Paula GHERASIM, interviewed by Rim Berahab via the organisation Policy Center for the New South
The European Green Deal (EGD) is the single most defining policy initiative of the Von der Leyen Commission. Since its publication in December 2019,...
11 Nov 2022

France accepts a migrant rescue ship as relations sour with Italy

Matthieu TARDIS, quoted by Eleanor Beardsley for NPR
As a ship carrying more than 200 migrants rescued at sea docked in a French port on Friday, a diplomatic crisis between France and Italy worsened,...
11 Nov 2022

France accepts migrant rescue ship rejected by Italy as tensions flare

Matthieu TARDIS, quoted by Rick Noack and Chico Harlan for the Washington Post
A weeks-long ordeal for asylum seekers who had been stranded at sea concluded on Friday, as the French government granted safe harbor for the Ocean...
10 Nov 2022

Migrants rescued in the Mediterranean: What does international law...

After several days of diplomatic wrangling with Italy, France decided to 'exceptionally' allow the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking to dock. While...
27 Oct 2022

We need to talk about Xi Jinping: G7’s discord over powerful trading...

Mathilde VELLIET, quoted by Patrick Wintour in The Guardian
Disagreements have opened up about strategy when China is also seen as an existential threat. Western powers in the G7 group of nations are failing...
26 Oct 2022

French-German friendship ‘still alive’ as Macron meets Scholz amid...

Marie KRPATA , quoted by Angelique Chrisafis in The Guardian
Two leaders under pressure to repair relations after rifts over defence, energy and China. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, hosted the German...