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04 Apr 2019

Russia’s Militia Groups and their Use at Home and Abroad Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 113, Ifri, April 2019

What makes the militia milieu so unique and important for understanding today’s Russia is that it finds itself at the intersection of state institutions, patronage mechanisms, criminal structures, and grassroots illiberal activism.

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21 Mar 2019

The Future of Urban Warfare in the Age of Megacities Focus stratégique, No. 88, March 2019

By: Margarita KONAEV

Urbanization is a relentless trend, and as cities grow and expand, armed conflict and violence are urbanizing as well. 

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19 Mar 2019

The ‘Conservative Turn’ in Indonesian Islam: Implications for the 2019 Presidential Elections Asie.Visions, No. 106, March 2019

By: Leonard C. SEBASTIAN, Andar NUBOWO

Despite Indonesia’s reputation for a traditionally moderate brand of Islam, religious conservativism is gaining considerable political traction in the lead up to this April’s presidential election.

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11 Mar 2019

Shaping the Global Governance of Renewables: A Comparative Institutional Analysis Etudes de l'Ifri, March 2019


Over the past decade, facilitating the widespread deployment of renewable energy sources (RES) and enabling their integration within the energy systems has become a central priority for various international organizations (IO) and initiatives....

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28 Feb 2019

European Elections 2019: Structuring the Debate Études de l'Ifri, February 2019

By: Thomas GOMART, Marc HECKER, (eds.)

From May 23 to 29, over 300 million Europeans are set to elect a new Parliament for a five-year term.

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01 Mar 2019

Russia’s Relations with Southeast Asia Russie.Nei.Reports, No. 26, Ifri, March 2019


In recent years, Russia has focused on developing its relations with Southeast Asia, particularly in the areas of economic ties and arms sales.

11 Apr 2019

Brexit pressures expose cracks in Franco-German relationship

Angela Merkel insists that the EU should avoid “putting pressure” on Britain when it comes to Brexit. After a wearying, six-hour EU summit in...
05 Mar 2019

Germany's Arms Export Ban Frustates European Partners

Germany's unilateral decision to halt all shipments of military equipment to Saudi Arabia has stopped 10's of billions of dollars worth of orders of...
21 Jan 2019

Merkel and Macron betray weakness with cautious Aachen treaty

Barbara KUNZ, quoted by Guy Chazan in Berlin and Victor Mallet in Paris for Financial Times
When Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron sign a new Franco-German treaty in the historic city of Aachen on Tuesday, there will be much soaring rhetoric...
20 Jan 2019

Macron Seeks a Dose of Charlemagne to Renew Merkel Partnership

Barbara KUNZ, quoted by Gregory Viscusi, Birgit Jennen, and Patrick Donahue in Bloomberg
When France and Germany sign a treaty on Tuesday in the historic border town of Aachen, it will be the culmination of 16 months of work by French...
15 Dec 2018

France's 'yellow vests' and the Russian trolls that encourage them

Russian social media trolls reportedly helped stoke the 'yellow vest' protests — France's largest demonstrations in years. DW talked to social media...
24 Oct 2018

Total CEO Steps Into Eye of Saudi Storm as Other Bosses Balk

Total SA boss Patrick Pouyanne proved once again that he’ll go where other business leaders fear to tread. The storm in Saudi Arabia caused by the...