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11 May 2022

Rapprochement in Times of Crisis: War in Ukraine and the EU-Japan Partnership Policy Brief, Brussels School of Governance, May 2022


The war in Ukraine has shaken the foundations of European security and of the global rules-based order. In many ways, Russia’s aggression has been a wake-up call for the EU, adding a sense of urgency to its ongoing transformation to becoming a...

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29 Apr 2022

What Role Should Southern Europe Play After the Pandemic and the War in Ukraine? Towards a Shared Agenda for EU Reform Notes de l'Ifri, April 2022

By: Pol MORILLAS, Thomas GOMART, Ferdinando NELLI FEROCI, George PAGOULATOS, Charles POWELL, Nuno SEVERIANO TEIXEIRA, (dir.) with , Dorothée SCHMID

Relations between southern European member states have often been marked by a loose cooperation or, worse, by logics of competition. Precisely when regional groupings within the European Union are increasingly shaping the agenda, these...

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28 Apr 2022

French Presidential Election, Ukraine crisis, China-France and China-EU relations

By: Thierry de MONTBRIAL, guest in the tv show "Dialogue Weekend" on CGTV

This week the guest of "Dialogue Weekend" on CGTV is Thierry de Montbrial, founder and executive chairman of Ifri, French Institute for International Relations. Last Sunday, Emmanuel Macron became the first French president to be re-elected...

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26 Apr 2022

Arctic: Toward the End of the Exception? Strategic, Nuclear and Maritime Issues in the Region Proliferation Papers, No. 64, April 2022

Through multiple international initiatives, including the creation of the Arctic Council at the end of the Cold War in 1996, the Arctic appears to be one of the last areas of peaceful cooperation in the world. This “Arctic exception” is also...

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25 Apr 2022

Dependence in Europe's Relations with China: Weighing Perceptions and Reality A report of the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), April 2022

By: John SEAMAN, Francesca GHIRETTI, Lucas ERLBACHER, Xiaoxue MARTIN, Miguel OTERO-IGLESIAS, (eds.) with , Marie KRPATA

The idea that Europe has grown dependent on China is now a common refrain, but just how is this notion understood in capitals across the continent? 

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21 Apr 2022

Two Shades of Blue: Europe and the Pacific Islands, Strategic Partners in the Indo-Pacific Era Briefings de l’Ifri, April 21, 2022

In recent years, France and the European Union (EU) have published their respective Indo-Pacific strategies and a Ministerial Forum was held in Paris on February 22, 2022, bringing together over 60 foreign affairs ministers from European and...

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15 Apr 2022

Emmanuel Macron: The Preferred Choice for Taipei and Beijing Prospects & Perspectives 2022 No. 24, The Prospect Foundation

The second round of the French presidential election on April 24 will decide whether Emmanuel Macron, the incumbent president, or Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right nationalist party Rassemblement national (national gathering), will...

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12 Apr 2022

The EU’s Plan to Scale up Renewables by 2030: Implications for the Power System Briefings de l'Ifri, April 12, 2022

By: Susanne NIES

The climate and geopolitical crises call for speeding up the implementation of the European Green Deal around two main pillars: reducing energy consumption and investing in low-carbon alternatives. The swift and massive deployment of renewable...

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17 Mar 2022

Saving Energy in a Hurry: Reducing Dependence on Russian Hydrocarbons Requires Resolute Demand and Supply Sides Action Briefings de l'Ifri, March 17, 2022

Facing Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, European countries have enacted economic and financial sanctions against Russia. 

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15 Mar 2022

Digital Sovereignty Review of Macron’s Term and Debates in the 2022 Presidential Campaign Briefings de l’Ifri, March 15, 2022

One month before the French presidential election, this briefing assesses the actions undertaken during Macron's term as well as the presidential candidates' proposals concerning France's digital sovereignty.

07 May 2022

Delhi to Paris: A strategic partnership

Manjeet KRIPALANI, John SEAMAN, Op-Ed in The Indian Express
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France on May 4 is his fifth since 2015, and the 10th such high-level bilateral visit. 
07 May 2022

C.Africa's Leap Into Bitcoin Leaves Its People Bemused

Thierry VIRCOULON, interviewed by Dylan GAMBA and Joseph SOTINEL for International Business Times
In the Central African Republic (CAR), nine out of 10 people do not have internet, and only one in seven has electricity -- that is, when there are...
03 May 2022

An Engine Replacement Could Kill Europe’s Huge F-35 Plans

Paul MAURICE, quoted by Gaja Pellegrini-Bettoli in The National Interest
If the decision to replace the engine for the F-35A is implemented, countries flying F-35s will find themselves forced into unforeseen and overly...
28 Apr 2022

The West shares tanks, rocket launchers and artillery with Ukraine in...

Léo PÉRIA-PEIGNÉ, quoted by Elise Vincent in Le Monde
Western countries are supplying Kyiv with heavy weapons, abandoning the caution shown at the start of the conflict. The aim is to restore the...
28 Apr 2022

French Presidential Election, Ukraine crisis, China-France and...

Thierry de MONTBRIAL, guest in the tv show "Dialogue Weekend" on CGTV
This week the guest of "Dialogue Weekend" on CGTV is Thierry de Montbrial, founder and executive chairman of Ifri, French Institute for International...
22 Apr 2022

Le Pen Closer Than Ever to the French Presidency (and to Putin)

Julien NOCETTI, quoted by Roger Cohen in The New York Times
As elections approach Sunday, the far-right candidate is linked to the Russian president by a web of financial ties and a history of support that has...