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Une frégate française escorte un cargo de marchandises
Une frégate française escorte un cargo de marchandises

Paris Naval Conference 2025: Naval Power and the Challenges of Securing Maritime Autonomy Conférences

This third edition of the Paris Naval Conference (CNP), bringing together high-level speakers from the military, industry and academia, aims to address the issues of securing the maritime economy for the world's navies.

Playing a crucial role in the global economy, the maritime economy, which includes maritime transport, fishing, the extraction of underwater resources, the leisure and tourism sectors and, increasingly, marine renewable energies, is particularly exposed to the deterioration of international relations when it is expressed primarily in common spaces. As such, it seems inexorably destined to (re)become an essential issue for the navies in charge of securing maritime activities. 


The three roundtables will cover the following themes: 
- Challenges and prospects of navies to secure maritime economy 
- Security for prosperity: safeguarding logistic flows for sustainable growth
- The influence of maritime economy upon naval power: rethiking Mahan in the 21st century 
More details to be confirmed during fall. 
This conference is also an opportunity to promote original research through the Admiral Castex Prize, which rewards research on maritime and naval strategy: you can already send in your contribution.


This conference will take place in French and English with simultaneous interpretation.


The conference will take place at Ifri (Paris) and on Zoom.

Registration will open on October 2024.

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