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War in Ukraine


The invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022 constitutes a major turning point in international relations. Vladimir Putin's strategic goals haven't been achieved and the outcome of the war is uncertain. The risks of escalation – including nuclear – are real and a regional extension of hostilities cannot be ruled out. The consequences of this conflict are already global: reconfiguration of alliances, rising energy prices, growing food insecurity, etc.


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By: Sandra PARTHIE

In response to Russia's illegal attack on Ukraine, EU member states have issued a series of economic sanctions against Russia. This also includes moratoria on certain products, e.g., in the energy sector.


Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, the Bundeswehr has been led to refocus on territorial defense and collective security, which constituted the core of its activity for decades. This evolution break with the long period of efforts during which the Bundeswehr painfully tried to...


The current geopolitical situation has disrupted the European and global order, which were both consolidated in the 1990s and have been key factors in the modern German model. The Franco-German duo is currently facing new challenges and it will have to respond appropriately in a time when the...


After several decades of reforms, the situation in centralized power sectors has hardly changed. The sub-Saharan power sector remains underdeveloped, and power sectors are experiencing significant financial difficulties that have been further exacerbated first by the effects of the pandemic...