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War in Ukraine


The invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022 constitutes a major turning point in international relations. Vladimir Putin's strategic goals haven't been achieved and the outcome of the war is uncertain. The risks of escalation – including nuclear – are real and a regional extension of hostilities cannot be ruled out. The consequences of this conflict are already global: reconfiguration of alliances, rising energy prices, growing food insecurity, etc.


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The Russian army is very critical of its war in Ukraine. Not just of the first phase of the failed special military operation (SVO), which was inspired by the theorization of bypassing, but also of the strategic deterrence phase that preceded it.

By: Michaël LEVYSTONE, interviewed by Aida Haidar in The Astana Times

Addressing the situation in Afghanistan remains on top of the agenda for Central Asia, said Michael Levystone, an associate research fellow at the Institut Français des Relations Internationale (IFRI) Russia/Eurasia Center, in an exclusive interview with The Astana Times. The expert, who...

By: Céline PAJON, quoted by Maria Siow in the SCMP

While the impact of Kishida’s tour is ‘marginal, it can still send ‘a message of solidarity’ that it intends to take the continent’s concerns seriously. Getting the African countries to take active measures against Russia will be difficult if they are not offered strong incentives in exchange,...