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Israeli–Palestinian conflict


On October 7, Hamas launched a major terrorist operation in Israeli territory, killing hundreds of civilians and taking dozens of hostages. The operation comes 50 years after the strategic surprise of the Yom Kippur War, and has sent shockwaves through public opinion. Israeli political and military leaders promised an unprecedented response, raising the spectre of a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. To decipher these events, which are shaking up the Middle East, Ifri offers you a selection of analyses on the subject.

10 Résultats

Various associations organise trips to Israel and/or to the Palestinian Territories. Someone who has no previous knowledge of the Near East and who takes part in a journey organised by a pro-Israeli group, would return to France with a very different vision of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...


In 2013, Barak Obama and John Kerry managed, not without difficulty, to steer Israeli and Palestinian leaders back to peace negotiations. At the same time, Washington re-established dialogue with Tehran in talks aimed at finding a solution to the Iranian nuclear problem.