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États-Unis : La Cour suprême en balance Les enjeux politiques et constitutionnels du remplacement d’Antonin Scalia

The first few months of this year have been eventful and dramatic for legal and judicial matters on either sides of the Atlantic: while France renewed a third of its magistrates - which has gone largely unnoticed - US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's sudden death caused a political earthquake. 





Indeed, the implications of this event are manifold: it affects both the ongoing presidential campaign and the senatorial elections, it has an impact on the dynamics between the three branches of the State and could ultimately modify the ideological balance between conservatives and progressives. It also concerns people directly in the exercice of their individual freedoms, whether it is their right to vote, to privacy, to free expression, to bear firearms. Other issues at stake include the separation of Church and State and the right to access courts. 

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La cour suprême en balance: les enjeux politiques et constitutionnels du remplacement d’Antonin Scalia
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