Reports Focus Stratégique
Guillaume GARNIER

The Amphibious Endeavour: Tactical Risk, Strategic Influence Focus stratégique, No. 46 bis, February 2014

Despite a centuries-long history, amphibious operations were rarely in the spotlight before the Second World War. Meteorological constraints and joint planning challenges both emphasize their risky and complex character. Lessons learned highlight indispensable operational requirements such as superior naval power, favourable strength ratio for disembarked forces and the advantage of surprise.

The Amphibious Endeavour : Tactical Risk, Strategic Influence

Nowadays, amphibious operations have adapted to new conditions by strengthening joint forces integration, and by taking advantage of the most modern naval and military technologies. Although amphibious operations remain a high-end perspective in a total war concept, they still represent a key capability for “forcible entry” in a world where 50% of the population lives by the sea. Stretching over the entire operational spectrum, amphibious operations will prove more and more their importance in low-to-medium intensity crisis scenarios, rather than in the hypothetical use of all-out force and wide-scale operations.


The Amphibious Endeavour: Tactical Risk, Strategic Influence