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The EU and the Crisis: Do We Need More Integration? Notes de l'Ifri, December 201

The European Union is facing a tremendous challenge: coming out of the crisis unified. Every summit is both labeled the one of all hopes and the one of the last chance. Information keeps coming in, which hampers a good comprehension of the situation. 

L'UE face à la crise. Faut-il plus d'intégration ?

This publication wants to tackle three main questions. First, it deals with the different aspects of integration. Second, the authors look at the evolution of the European project and how its actors will adapt (the Franco-German couple, the non-Euro Members States, the European institutions). Finally, this paper addresses the issue that the EU cannot act isolated from the rest of the world. The authors bring clear and analytical answers to questions that are often poorly understood and too quickly brushed aside.

This publication is published in French only: L'UE face à la crise. Faut-il plus d'intégration ?


European integration