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France, Germany, Turkey: A New Triangle of Powers Note franco-turque, No. 9 / Note du Cerfa, No. 105, September 2013

Relations between Germany, France and Turkey have been strictly bilateral for a long time, with varying intensity, styles and areas of cooperation. The European perspective that is now part of these relations has introduced a three-way dynamic. 


Turkey's accession talks have stalled, and France and Germany are responsible to a large degree for the problems and delays that have affected the process. The economic crisis in Europe has altered the situation because it makes Turkey a more important player, introducing a form of competition between powers. The political crises in the Middle East, and the significant threats that have arisen from them, have opened the way to a partial reconciliation under the arbitration of the United States. However, the parties need to work together on the basis of their shared values in relation to Europe in order to maximise their individual assets.

This article is the product of cooperation between Cerfa and Ifri's Contemporary Turkey program.

Dorothée Schmid is Head of Ifri's "Contemporary Turkey" program.


This publication is available in french : Allemagne, France, Turquie : la triangulation des puissances


France, Germany, Turkey: A New Triangle of Powers
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