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Françoise NICOLAS, Charit TINGSABADH, (eds.)

Unemployment in East Asia and Europe: Report of the Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation (CAEC) Paris : Ifri, Centre Asie Ifri, 2003. - 293 p. (Les cahiers d'Asie, n° 2)

While formal unemployment has existed in Western Europe for a long time, most East Asian economies had managed to avoid this hardship until recently. Yet, as a result of the financial crisis of 1997-98 in East Asia, as well as of the protracted economic crisis in Japan and of the deep restructuring taking place in China, unemployment has come to the fore as one among the many challenges facing Asian economies.

This collection of papers offers to examine in parallel the Asian and European experiences with unemployment. A major conclusion is that beyond broad differences between the two regions, there is more convergence than may be initially expected, as well as substantial scope for collective discussions and cooperation.

Contributors: L. Dilokvihyarat, F. Godement, A. Hu, J. Keum, H. Klodt, S. Ku Ahmad, N. Mitani, E. Mossé, F. Nicolas, F. Origo, M. Samek Lodovici et C. Tingsabadh.