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Brexit: The Trouble of Breaking Up Politique étrangère, Vol. 85, No. 4, Winter 2020-2021

On the brink of Brexit, what form will it take? British and European negotiators might prefer a bad deal to no deal, but would this avoid the significant disruption in trade with the European Union that no new trade deal could make up for?


The United Kingdom’s dream of navigating the seas of global diplomacy (Global Britain) as America’s staunch and much-needed lieutenant quickly risks becoming stale, with the reduction in British capabilities and Washington’s indifference to an increasingly junior partner.

Brexit may well seal the isolation of a country whose very cohesion is threatened by a crisis of confidence in its own institutions and centrifugal forces at work in Scotland and Ireland.

A new kingdom will emerge from Brexit: very different from the one imagined by the Brexiteers, with much uncertainty about future cooperation with the continental Europeans.


Is the Turkish government attempting to restructure the Mediterranean, or is it making so much noise because other actors, specifically European ones, are silent? Ankara’s activism could primarily convey the agitation of a contentious regime, in a region that no one has been able to define for 30 years.

The – very different – reactions of African and Latin American countries to the COVID-19 outbreak, the future of African agriculture, the challenges of the next review conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty, or India’s Russian policy, also feature in the global overview in the winter 2020-2021 edition of Politique étrangère.



UK-EU Relations after Brexit: Breaking up Is Hard to Do, by Florence Faucher and Colin Hay

British Foreign Policy after Brexit: Geography Is Destiny, by Stephen Wall

Friends without Benefits? Anglo-American Relations after Brexit, by Robert Singh

Franco-British Military Cooperation after Brexit, by Adrien Abecassis and Jolyon Howorth

Was Brexit "English"?, by Robert Tombs

Brexit and the Fracturing of the United Kingdom, by Kirsty Hughes



Mediterranean: Turkey and the others

Turkey: An Emerging Power without the Resources to Match its Ambitions, by Jana Jabbour

France and the EU in the Mediterranean: Caught Between a Systematic Approach and Reality, by Jean-François Daguzan


COVID-19 in Africa: A Continent’s Response to a Global Crisis, by Fred Eboko and Sina Schlimmer

Latin America and the COVID-19 Challenge, by Florian Vidal


African Agriculture and Us, by Hervé Gaymard and Pierre-Ange Savell

NPT Review Conference: Is the Future of the Non-Proliferation System at Stake?, by Tiphaine de Champchesnel

The Dilemmas of India’s Russia Policy, by Frédéric Grare


The SAGE Handbook of Propaganda, by Paul Baines, Nicolas O’Shaughnessy and Nancy Snow (eds.)
By Frédéric Charillon



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