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ASEAN at 50: Half a Century of Unique Experience Politique étrangère, Vol. 82, No. 2, Summer 2017

In its fifty-year existence, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has developed a complex, progressive and balanced approach to regional integration. Rather than the European Union’s far-reaching statements of ever-closer union, ASEAN combines highly diverse economic and political strategies of different States whose main priority is to safeguard sovereignty.

The “Asian Way” has proven itself to be very particular, and probably very well adapted. But how will it fare against the rising power of China? 

Debate around economic and budget policy in the Eurozone has been reopened with decisive elections now on the horizon, and following the European Commission and the Central Bank’s adjustments to previous decisions. In the Counter Analysis section two visions are set out, each based on opposing analyses of the notions of debt and growth. These constitute a key debate for the revival of the entire European construction.

Is Crimea the new black hole of Europe? An original and highly-documented article details the multiple issues the peninsula is facing, for which Russian annexation has provided no solutions.

Also in the No.2/2017 edition of Politique étrangère, post-coup d’état and post-referendum Turkey; ISIS outside of the Islamic State territory; and conflicts in Africa, poorly understood or misinterpreted by the West due to misaligned perspectives.


CASE FILE. ASEAN at 50: Half a Century of Unique Experience


Introduction, by Françoise Nicolas and Sophie Boisseau du Rocher

The ASEAN in Search of a Regional Identity, by Yann Roche

The ASEAN Economic Community’s Original Integration Model, by Françoise Nicolas

The ASEAN Security Community: Progress and Impediments, by Sophie Boisseau du Rocher

The Concept and Practice of ASEAN “Centrality”, by Termsak Chalermpalanupap

ASEAN, Burmese Refugees, and Human Rights, by Anja Jetschke


COUNTER ANALYSIS The Euro Zone: Beneath the Debts, Economic Growth?

European Policies and the Future of Euro, by Paolo Guerrieri

Stability and Growth in the Euro Zone: Lessons from Experience, by Alain Fabre



Turkey, From the Coup d’Etat to the Referendum, by Ahmet Insel (read the article in english)

Another Threat from the Islamic State, by Philippe Bannier

What Forecast for Crimea?, by Catherine Iffly



The Dark Side of Africa’s Local Conflicts, by François Gaulme



Brexit: a Certain Idea of Europe, by Jonathan Story (read the article)

Italy Caught between Industrial Decline and Political Powerlessness, by Martino Avanti



Directed by Marc Hecker

Migrations, une nouvelle donne, by Catherine Wihtol de Wenden

Au-delà de la crise des migrants : décentrer le regard, by Cris Beauchemin and Mathieu Ichou (ed.), by Corinne Balleix


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