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The Institutionalization of the European Council Presidency : Institutional Dependence and Franco-German Inflections Politique européenne, n°35, 2011, p. 55-82

L'institutionnalisation de la présidence du Conseil européen : entre dépendance institutionnelle et inflexions franco-allemandes

Following its pragmatic emergence in the EU political landscape, the Presidency of the European Council was the most visible part of the rotating Presidency until the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. An in-depth analysis of this function shows its long dependency on the half-year exercise.

The Institutionalization of the Presidency of the European Council was primarily marked by two periods of inflection during which the behaviours of the actors, especially French and German leaders, have tailored a presidential role dissociated from the rotating presidency. The emergence of this supranational role has led to heightened tensions over questions of identity, due to its exercise by national leaders. Moreover, the secondary nature of its legal formalization as regards reflections and codifications by the actors themselves is clearly underlined by this institutional construction.