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Frédérique SACHWALD, (ed.)

Japanese Firms in Europe. A Global Perspective Luxembourg : Harwood Academic Publishers, 1995

Studies in Global Competition, Volume 1
A series of books edited by John Cantwell

Originally published as Les entreprises japonaises en Europe. Motivations et stratégies (dir.), Paris, Masson, 1993.


In this volume, the authors examine the evolution of Japanese direct investment in Europe and explore its determinants. They then illustrate how, as multinationals, Japanese firms adapt to local conditions and try to take advantage of a global organization. In this respect, three areas are more particularly explored: human resource management; relationships with suppliers; and R-D unit locations.The impact of Japanese locations on their host countries is also studied. While Japanese industrial units may represent a challenge to European competitors, they may also accelerate useful technological awareness. The macroeconomic impact, e.g. on employment, is negligible – but regional or sectoral impacts can be sizeable.