Ramses Issues from Ramses

RAMSES 2015. Le Défi des émergents


RAMSES (Le Rapport annuel mondial sur le système économique et les stratégies), is an anual publication that provides in-depth reviews and prospective analysis on current events, providing readers with indispensible insights and perspectives for understanding contemporary geopolitics on the global scale. Edited by Thierry de Montbrial and Philippe Moreau Defarges, RAMSES relies on the expertise of Ifri’s research team and its network of associates.

  • The Perspective of Thierry de Montbrial provides an original synthesis of events from the year gone by and covers the broad spectrum of international relations.
  • Three sections – Emergence and the Redistribution of the Global Balance of Power; Challenges of a Shifting Landscape: Emerging Countries and Established Powers; Regional and Global Issues – brings together 58 original analyses of the regions or themes in question.
  • The barometer offers documentary tools that complement the written analysis: chronologies, statistics, original analytical maps created specifically for RAMSES, and a methodological index.


Emerging Countries