Jean-François BOITTIN

Associate Research Fellow


Research areas:

  • US energy policy



Jean-François Boittin, a former official with the French Treasury, has worked on international economic issues ever since he left ENA, the school that trains French civil servants. He was the French representative to the GATT in Geneva during most of the Uruguay Round negotiations before leading the team in Paris that worked towards their conclusion in Marrakech and the creation of the World Trade Organization.  After a first posting in New York and Washington, he led the Treasury teams in the French Embassy in Washington, twice, as well as in Berlin. Now living in Washington, D.C., he follows the evolution of American economic policy, with a special emphasis on trade, energy and the environment as well as the digital economy. He has been a research associate with Ifri’s Centre for Energy & Climate since July 2017.

A graduate in classical studies at the École Normale Supérieure, Mr. Boittin is a regular contributor to L’Obs and The Globalist.

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Under particular US legal rationale, such as calling foreign imports a “national security threat”, President Donald Trump has started imposing tariffs and/or quotas and has launched national security investigations on a growing number of imported goods from US allies and others alike.


The energy sector is one where the break between the Trump and Obama administrations is the most pronounced. The three officials in charge, Rick Perry at the Department of Energy (DoE), Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Ryan Zinke at the head of the Department of...


President Trump’s administration is characterized by its systematic denial and repealing of measures from his predecessor, be it in foreign policy or domestic policy. This is particularly the case for the energy and environmental policies. There is however a continuity from one administration...

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President Trump is using tariffs and quotas as weapons in his trade dispute with China. Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe and Jean-François Boittin of think tank the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) argue that his actions threaten US energy dominance worldwide.