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The European Gas Market Looking for its Golden Age?

The European energy market has to face numerous challenges to achieve a successful transition towards a low carbon economy, to preserve its competitiveness and to ensure its security of supply.

While the EU Communication on the Energy Union published in February 2015 has given new impetus to Europe’s gas policy, the EU gas market has to deal with a new environment both in terms of supply and demand.

The debate will be an opportunity to discuss the future perspectives of the EU gas market. It will specifically address the relations between EU and Russia at a crossroads, the declining production in Groningen in the Netherlands and the global trends on the LNG market, with an emphasis on the US LNG.

Ifri Center for Energy organizes a roundtable conference with:

  • Marie-Claire Aoun, Director Center for Energy, Ifri
  • Sylvie Cornot-Gandolphe, Associate Research Fellow, Ifri
    co-authors of the study, “The European Gas Market Looking for its Golden Age?”, Les Etudes, October 2015.
  • Jean Abiteboul, President, Cheniere Marketing Ltd
  • Geert Greving, Head of Public Affairs, GasTerra B.V.

Chaired by Olivier Appert, Senior Advisor, Ifri, Chairman of Conseil Français de l'Energie (French Committee of the World Energy Council)

The debate will be held in English under Chatham House rules.

Conseil central de l'économie, avenue d'Auderghem, 20, 1040 Brussels (metro Schuman)
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For futher information please contact breux@ifri.org

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