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Concept of environmental technology. Sustainable development goals. SDO. Group of people. Human resources.
Concept of environmental technology. Sustainable development goals. SDO. Group of people. Human resources.

Africa in 2030: What are the Prospects for Sustainable Development? Conference

The United Nations' 2030 Agenda is organized around the climate and development nexus. The fight against climate change is a cross-cutting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that is not limited to SDG 13 and environmental policies.

The issues surrounding food, urbanization and access to energy and health systems are all related to climate challenges. Today, most of the SDG are still very far from being achieved, even though they are fundamental to the relations between African countries, Europe and France.

Innovation, greater youth involvement and entrepreneurship are promoted as indispensable factors to achieve them. In this sense, during the 2021 Africa-France summit, President Emmanuel Macron dialogued with representatives of the African diaspora in France, considered pivotal actors in the implementation of this policy. France is also committed to reforming the international financial system through a Paris Pact for People and the planet, which aims to facilitate access to funding in order to implement the SDGs.

Ifri's Center for Energy and Climate and its Sub-Saharan Africa Center are organizing a workshop that will bring together experts and entrepreneurs linking France and Africa on these issues in order to take stock of the implementation process of the SDGs. The debate will focus on two key areas: climate and energy justice, and sustainable cities.


Conference by invitation only



9.00 AM - Introductory remarks:

  • Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of the Center fo Energy and Climate, Ifri
  • Lova Rinel Rajaoarinelina, Commissioner, French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)


9.30 AM - Workshop 1: Climate and Energy Justice

Moderator: Diana Gherasim, Research Fellow, Head of European energy and climate policies, Center for Energy and Climate, Ifri


  • Mike Sangster, Senior Vice President Africa, TotalEnergies
  • Frédéric Pfister, Managing Partner, Gaia Energy Impact Fund II 


11.10 AM - Workshop 2: Sustainable Cities

Moderator: Sina Schlimmer, Head of the “Governing Urban Transitions in Africa” program, Ifri


  • Jérôme Coeuré, Director of Corporate Affairs, Orange Africa & Middle East
  • Ileana Santos, Co-Founder, Je m’engage pour l’Afrique


12.30 PM -  A word from the observers and summary:

  • Alain Antil, Director of the Sub-Saharan Africa Center, Ifri


13.00 PM - Buffet lunch

This in-person debate will be held in French without translation

Institut français des relations internationales, 27 rue de la Procession, 75015 Paris.
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Participation by invitation only.

Renewable Energies Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Sub-Saharan Africa