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Léo PÉRIA-PEIGNÉ, quoted by Sylvia Quarles for BusinessNews

France is already sending an armored ‘oddity’ to Ukraine. Now this can send a little odd.

France may send Ukraine its AMX-10Ps, an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle that was phased out of service by the French army nearly a decade ago.


While the transfer has not been confirmed, the report raises questions about how many are available and their mechanical condition.


French armor officials consider the AMX-10P “very strong,” Léo Péria-Peigné, a defense expert at the French Institute of International Relations, told Insider, calling it “very simple, quite efficient.”

However, by the time the AMX-10P was retired, the vehicles were “quite fatigued,” Péria-Peigné said. Indeed, he was surprised to find that any were available to be sent to Ukraine: “In France, when a vehicle is retired or replaced, it no longer exists.”

This calls into question the status of the rest of the AMX-10P. Ukraine already has to contend with a garage-sale collection of armored vehicles donated from several countries.


Nonetheless, the AMX-10P would be a welcome addition to Ukraine’s military, though not a critical one. It is reasonably fast and is a light tracked vehicle, which enables it to cross small bridges and soft terrain.

It is relatively easy to learn and operate, said Péria-Peigné, describing it as simpler than “most modern” infantry fighting vehicles. As Ukraine struggles to quickly assimilate a plethora of Western weapons, an old but simple armored vehicle may be good enough.

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