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The Biden administration in turmoil (video replay)

Celebrating its 20th edition, Ifri's Annual Conference on the United States convened a first panel on national politics and a second on the evolution of U.S. trade. An exchange between Thierry de Montbrial and Henry Kissinger, 56th Secretary of State, concluded the day. Videos of all interventions are below.

Domestic Policy Panel: Swirls within the Democratic and Republican Parties 

Chair: François Clemenceau, International Editor-in-chief, Journal du Dimanche

One year after Joe Biden's election, what are the points of agreement and discord within the two Parties? What are their electoral perspectives? 

  • Will Marshall, President of the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI): How to reconcile the pragmatic and left wings of the Democratic Party? 


  • Karlyn Bowman, Distinguished Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute (AEI): The evolutions of the Republican Party


Economy Panel: Where does the U.S. trading partner stand? 

Chair: Laurence Nardon, Head of the North America Program at Ifri (French Institute of International Relations)

The four panelists presented on the economic situation and trade policy of the U.S. partner, and on the expected impact of the international tax reform that was recently adopted by the OECD and G20. All presentation are in French (automated translation can be activated on YouTube). 

  • Christophe Blot, Deputy Director, Forecasts and Analysis Department at OFCE: What is the inflation risk now facing the U.S. economy? (slides included)


  • Elvire Fabry, Senior Research Fellow at Institut Jacques Delors: The Biden administration's trade policy


  • Vincent Vicard, Deputy Director at CEPII: What impact will the international tax reform have on big companies? 


  • Benoît Tabaka, Director of Institutional Relations and Public Policy at Google France: How may the GAFA's business model evolve?  

The conference was supported by 

                                                                 La fondation
                                       Clarence Westbury

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