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Video: How Strong is the Taiwan-US-Japan Triangle?

The United States is the linchpin of Taiwan’s security. Under Donald Trump’s presidency, as tensions with the People’s Republic of China grew, the US increasingly took steps to signal ever more clearly its commitment to supporting and defending Taiwan, a trend that seems to have continued somewhat under Joe Biden’s leadership. In recent months, Tokyo has also become more visibly engaged in declaring its commitment to ensuring peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. This webinar will explore these recent trends, analyse the strength of ties between these three actors, and the implications for the future of stability in the Taiwan Strait and for regional and global peace and security more broadly.


  • I-Chung Lai, President, Prospect Foundation
  • Shin Kawashima, Professor of International Relations, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, University of Tokyo
  • J Michael Cole, author, journalist, consultant and Senior Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Chair: Céline Pajon, Research Fellow, Head of Japan Research, Ifri

Video replay of the debates


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