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Rapprochement in Times of Crisis: War in Ukraine and the EU-Japan Partnership CDCS Policy Brief, No. 9, Brussels School of Governance, 11 May 2022

The war in Ukraine has shaken the foundations of European security and of the global rules-based order. In many ways, Russia’s aggression has been a wake-up call for the EU, adding a sense of urgency to its ongoing transformation to becoming a stronger geopolitical actor, materialised by the recent publication of its Strategic Compass – its first-ever white paper for security and defence. 


At the same time, the crisis has prompted the world’s democracies to come together in search of solutions and accentuated the need to form a united front against the rising tide of revisionist tendencies. Among those, Japan stood out by the uncharacteristic speed and scale of its response.  

The Strategic Compass was adopted shortly following Russia's invasion of Ukrainian territory; a clear signal reaffirming the need for an EU security doctrine. European defence is stepping out of a theoretical realm into an operational one, raising questions which our contributors attempt to answer. As the post-World War II liberal order is challenged, the repercussions are not limited to Europe but also reach the Indo-Pacific. We publish four policy briefs shedding light on issues of collective self-defence, EU solidarity and the evolving relationship between the EU and NATO. These issues will figure prominently on the upcoming 12th May EU-Japan Summit and are covered timely by Céline Pajon and Eva Pejsova in this policy brief.


Download the CDCS Poliy Brief: Rapprochement in Times of Crisis: War in Ukraine and the EU-Japan Partnership

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