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French Foreign Policy in the Age of Polycrisis in Sicherheit und Frieden, Security and Peace, 3/2019

Under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, France has set itself the goal of strengthening its international presence, being more proactive and defining the European reform agenda. However, the French room for manoeuver is limited.


The increasingly confrontational nature of the clashes between the United States, China and Russia as well as the US's challenge to the rules of multilateralism reduce the influence of a regional power such as France. Furthermore, French domestic issues - for example high unemployment and the lack of competiteveness as well as social tensions - contradict its claim to equality on the international stage. Last but not least, France's capacity to respond to global challenges such as climate change or domographic change in Africa is very limited.

Hans Stark is professor at the Paris-Sorbonne University, Secretary General of the Study Committee on French-German Relations (Cerfa), Ifri.

This article appeared in the magazine published regularly by Nomos editions under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder "S+F Sicherheit und Frieden. Security and Peace, 37. Jg. 3/2019", pages 118 to 123.



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