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Diana-Paula GHERASIM, as member of the G20 Energy Task Force organized by Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, within the framework of the Task Force for Energy Transitions & Climate Finance

G20 Energy Transitions and Climate Finance Task Force Report Gateway House, Indian Council on Global Relations, 16 February 2023

India is at the helm of the G20 presidency since the 1st of December 2022 for the duration of a year, with energy transition and climate finance being key topics on its agenda. In this context, the Gateway House put in place a G20 Energy Task Force to which Ifri’s Research Fellow, Diana-Paula Gherasim, participated.


The Task Force looked into policy measures to address energy poverty, the necessary steps to encourage the use of green energy and sustainable technologies and strategies to help generate the financial resources needed to nurture green technologies. Harnessing the power of public procurement to boost the rollout of critical new technologies that drive decarbonization has been among the flagship proposals of this task force, together with the creation of a Global Climate Finance Agency to provide a cost-effective hedging mechanism, a first loss facility and support new business models for emerging technologies. Our research fellow particularly worked on the topic of Energy Transitions and insisted on the role of G20 as a leading force for climate action and the role of renewable energy sources in overcoming the energy crisis, underlining that the focus of G20 must be placed on massively deploying clean energy supplies and energy efficiency programs, decarbonizing energy intensive industries, upskilling for the green economy and building a strong cooperation basis for international green trade.

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