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The nuclear taboo is customarily seen as a black and white norm, separating the world of the familiar from that of an unknowable afterlife. Though consequences of a breaking of the nuclear taboo use are certainly unpredictable, one can imagine at least some of them. This article attempts to do...

By: James A. RUSSELL

Unstable dynamics surrounding Iran's nuclear program may be pushing the world closer to the use of nuclear weapons than is generally realized - perhaps closer than any time since the Cuban missile crisis. This paper proposes a number of near- and longer-term scenarios to illustrate the ways in...

By: Chung-Min LEE

Although North Korea maintained nuclear ambiguity for two decades, it finally gave up the pretense of having a "virtual nuclear weapons program" in October 2006 whereas Iran continues on the path of nuclear brinkmanship. Whether Iran is going to cross the nuclear Rubicon remains uncertain but...


Yury Fédorov's analysis looks for the meaning of nuclear strategy in the international security context after the end of the Cold War. Will nuclear weapons really lose their importance - as some scholars suggest - or will they rather get new strategic functions against the background of an...