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90 Résultats

The purpose of the annual meetings 'Agriculture and Globalization' is to help the progresses of collective reflection on the future of agricultural policies and the emergence of propositions that can be accepted by all parts in Europe. These fourth meetings, held on the eve of the sixth...

By: Jean-Marie PAUGAM, Anne-Sophie NOVEL, (dir.)

Since the inception of the multilateral trading system, optimally articulating international trade liberalization commitments with developing countries’ national economic strategies has been a central debate. The launch of the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) in 2001 installed, in theory, the...

By: Pierre RAINELLI, (ed.)

In a normative way, the role of the market, as well for domestic exchanges as for international trade, calls into question the notion of economic policy. Particularly for agriculture, total liberalization raises specific problems because of market failures which legitimate public intervention....

By: Maxime LEFEBVRE, (ed.)

On May, 1st, 2004, the European Union welcomed ten new member states. This enlargement, unprecedented considering its scale and its consequences, is both a chance and a challenge for the building of the European Union. It leads the Union to question its future and its very signification: what...

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