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Migration and Citizenship


International migrations have become the focus of current public debates and policies in various regions of the world, including Europe.

With the creation of the Migration Program in 2005 and then the Center for Migration and Citizenship in 2011, the French institute of international relations - Ifri was the first research institute to analyze migration and new practices of citizenship as a matter of international relations. In order to respond to a complex and polarizing issue, the Center for Migration and Citizenship aims at better shaping the debate and research with an independent and non-polemical approach. The Center’s work is directed to all kind of stakeholders active in the field of migration at the local, national, European and international levels: decision and law makers, authorities, not-for-profit organizations and the private sector.

The Center for Migration and Citizenship offers a unique perspective on migration and citizenship issues in France through:

  • Activities at the crossroad of academic research, support to decision making and capacity building of actors in the field;
  • An analysis of the gaps and tensions between public policies and needs in the field;
  • A multidisciplinary research blending sociological, political and legal approaches;
  • An original methodology that involves, in a proactive and dynamic way, the main stakeholders and social actors concerned by the topic: public institutions, policymakers, NGOs, private companies, migrants, and the inhabitants of the less favored neighborhoods throughout Europe. These groups constitute at the same time the target and the contributors to the center’s projects.
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This project aims at examining and comparing the ' national models of integration ' in France and the Netherlands in a context when the question of their crisis is raised. The social and political practice of the discourse about the model needs to be questioned in order to understand the...


We are concerned here with what makes the political problem of the politics and policies of international migration today. Our aim is to identify some of the major blind spots in migration policies the way they are in general. This broad approach makes it possible to identify the most critical...

By: Christophe BERTOSSI, Vincent THOUVENIN

For a long time, French and British integration policies have formed two mutually exclusive paradigms. Based on ideological elements introduced by the French Revolution, French citizenship refuses any ethno-racial based distinction in the public sphere. In comparison with this conception of...


For a long time, French military with migration background have been counting on the army to erase the social and cultural prejudice they have been suffering. But are they really military as others or are they constituing a specific population? Does the French army offers the opportunity for...


At the end of 2005, the policy response to the suburban riots in France pointed to the so-called anti-integration attitudes of migrants, whose identities were highlighted as the core problem facing their social, cultural and political integration into French society. As a matter of fact,...

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