Research Fellow, Security Studies Center

Research Interests:

  • Capability prospective
  • Conventional weaponry & asymmetrical conflicts
  • Turkish geopolitic and military


Léo Péria-Peigné is a Research Fellow at Ifri’s Security Studies Center, working for the Observatory on Future Conflicts on armament and capability prospective. He also worked on the use of conventional weaponry in asymmetrical conflicts, especially in Afghanistan.

Specialized on Defense Industry’s issues and Turkish geopolitics, he graduated in 2020 from Sciences Po Lille’s economic intelligence and international relations Master and joined Ifri in 2022 after two years of consulting on armament economy and a time at French Special Operation Command.

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The war in Ukraine is a reminder of the place of attrition from high-intensity conflict in European armies that have been cut to the bone after three decades of budget cuts. All European forces have had to reduce their stocks to the bare minimum. As a result, support to Ukraine has meant a...

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