Pavel BAEV

Associate Research Fellow, Russia/NIS Center

Research Interests :

  • Energy policy towards Europe and Russia’s place in the European security system
  • Russia-EU dialogue and Russia-NATO Relations
  • Energy geopolitics and Russia’s interests in the Caspian Sea; Russian policy in the Arctic
  • Russian defense posture and military reform
  • Conflict management in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea area



Pavel BAEV is a Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) and a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at Brookings Institution, Washington DC.

After graduating from Moscow State University (MA in Political Geography, 1979), he worked in a research institute of the USSR Ministry of Defense; received a PhD in International Relations from the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences (1988), and then worked for the Institute of Europe, Moscow. He joined PRIO in October 1992. In 1995-2001, he was the editor of PRIO’s quarterly journal Security Dialogue, and in 1998-2004 was a member of the PRIO board. He writes a weekly column for the Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor.


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The interplay of the foreign, domestic and military dimensions of Russia's Arctic policy is characterized by peculiar incompatibilities. The position of power secured by the military superiority and ambitious modernization of strategic forces is supposed to grant Moscow strong influence and...


Since summer 2009, instability in the eastern part of the North Caucasus has escalated, a security threat against which the Russian leadership cannot find a strategy. Despite a maximum-intensity counterinsurgency campaign, the rebels have been able to expand their support base, staging...

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