Thibault MICHEL

Research Fellow, Center for Energy & Climate

Research Interests:

  • Electricity interconnections and electrical grids 
  • Energy transitions in Europe and in Southeast Asia


Thibault Michel is a Research Fellow at Ifri's Center for Energy & Climate since January 2024. Prior to joining Ifri's Center for Energy & Climate, Thibault Michel worked as a business intelligence and geopolitical analyst at RTE, the French Transmission system operator (TSO), notably on electricity interconnections. He also worked on security and companies’ protection issues at L’Oréal.

Thibault holds a Master’s degree from Sciences Po Strasbourg in European affairs and geopolitics as well as a degree in geoeconomics from IRIS SUP’. He also studied history and historical research at Grenoble Alpes University.

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Indonesia is a country that is booming economically and demographically. This not only matters for regional, political, and energy security, but also increasingly, for the world’s energy transitions, due to Indonesia’s large metal reserves, as well as its equally important coal consumption in...

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