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EU Electricity Infrastructure Coordination and the Energy Transition


With a higher deployment of renewable energy sources, EU Member States need to rethink the operations of their electricity networks. The challenges are not uniform across Europe as RES penetration varies between countries and regions and its deployment leads to an increased decentralisation of network operations. The EU energy policy is focusing on how to improve electricity infrastructure coordination, setting the stage for a more efficient and coordinated energy transition and improved energy security.

The debate will be an opportunity to discuss the electricity infrastructure outlook  across Europe, to assess the risks for the main players (TSOs, DSOs, regulators, consumers) and to guide towards an improved coordination between Member States and a harmonized set of regulations based on an appropriate level of security of supply.

Ifri Center for Energy organizes a roundtable conference with:

Associate Research Fellow, Ifri
Author of the Ifri study "EU Electricity Networks and Energy Transition"

Policy Officer, EDSO

Sébastien LEPY
Chair of ENTSO-E System Development Committee

Policy Coordinator, Unit for Networks and Regional Initiatives
Internal Energy Market, DG Energy, European Commission

Chaired by : Marie-Claire AOUN, Director of Ifri Center for Energy


Conseil Central de l'Economie - Room 6 - Avenue d'Auderghem 20 (metro Schuman)