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RUSSIE.NEI.VISIONS 2009 Understanding Russia and the New Independent States


"This volume is a most timely and useful contribution to the literature on contemporary Russia and its neighborhood. Thomas Gomart and Tatiana Kastueva-Jean have brought together a fine team of established and young scholars to discuss some of the most critical domestic and foreign policy issues affecting the region."

Bobo Lo
Director of the Russia and China programmes at the Centre for European Reform, London

"Year after year, Russie.Nei.Visions continues to explore the complexity of Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. The collection has succeeded in combining political analysis with research in the field. The August 2008 war in Georgia dramatically impacted the whole area, as well as relations with the West. Many contributions in this compendium increase our understanding of the causes and consequences of this profound crisis, as well as broader developments in the post-Soviet geopolitical space."

Vladimir Baranovsky
Deputy Director Deputy Director of the Institute
of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Auteurs : S. Aris, D. Chaudet, A. Dellecker, N. Kassenova, T. Kastouéva-Jean, A. Kortounov, K. Longhurst, R. McDermott, B. Saltykov, C. Sigman.

Edité par T. Gomart, Directeur du centre Russie/Nei, Ifri, enseignant à l'école militaire de Saint-Cyr; et Tatiana Kastouéva-Jean, chercheur au centre Russie/Nei, Ifri.

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