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RAMSES 2016. Climat : une nouvelle chance ?

Written by Ifri's research team and its network of associates, the new RAMSES 2016 analyses geopolitics on a worldwide scale. The major theme of this 34th edition is Climate: A new chance? In addition, RAMSES 2016 tackles the insertion of Africa in globalization and the uncertainties of democracy today in post-industrial societies, but also in the South.


RAMSES (Le Rapport annuel mondial sur le système économique et les stratégies), is an annual publication that provides in-depth reviews and prospective analysis on current events, providing readers with indispensible insights and perspectives for understanding contemporary geopolitics on the global scale. Edited by Thierry de Montbrial and Dominique David, RAMSES relies on the expertise of Ifri’s research team and its network of associates.

  • The Perspective of Thierry de Montbrial provides an original synthesis of events from the year gone by and covers the broad spectrum of international relations.


  • The second section presents the three challenges of 2016: Climate: towards COP21 ; Where is going Africa? ; Democracy: failure or new age? It brings together 26 original analyses of the regions or themes in question.


  • The third section, "The world in question", tackles some of the main issues facing our world today, from the Greek or Ukrainian crises, to Europe’s migration question, to the destabilization of the Middle East, and more.


  • The barometer offers documentary tools that complement these written analyses: chronologies, statistics, original analytical maps created specifically for RAMSES, and a methodological index.


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Mathieu_The Paris Agreement
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