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RAMSES 2018. Will the Information War Take Place? RAMSES, September 2017

RAMSES 2018. Will the Information War Take Place?, written by Ifri's research team and external experts, offers an in-depth and up-to-date analysis of global geopolitics.

  • In the opening section of RAMSES 2018, "Perspectives", Thierry de Montbrial, founder and Executive Chairman of Ifri, provides an analysis of the state of global affairs.
  • Three main questions are treated in the second section, "Trois enjeux pour 2018" :

- Is the visible disorder of the world a prelude to a dangerous decay or a reshaping of international powers?
- What role will Moscow play tomorrow in Europe, in Asia, and in the world?
- Which new battlefields and warfare techniques will digital information create, and for whom?

  • The third section, Le Monde en questions, offers a thorough study of recent conflicts, strategies, and important international negotiations.
  • The final section, Les Repères, presents a mix of statistics, timelines and original maps.

RAMSES 2018 also includes 8 videos featuring Ifri researchers providing concise analysis of the most critical issues in international affairs.


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