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90 Résultats
By: Jacques LESOURNE, (ed.)

This third monograph of the Ifri program on European Governance and Geopolitics of Energy is devoted to the program's first annual conference on the 'External Energy Policy of the European Union'. The conference took place from January 31 to February 1, 2008, at the Palais Egmont, in Brussels,...


In this year's collection from Ifri's Russia/NIS Center, four themes are explored: the EU-Russia relationship, the strategies of Russia's national champions, Russian foreign policy, and energy and strategy dimensions in Russian bilateral relations. "Any publication on Russia to be released in...

By: Luis MIOTTI, Frédérique SACHWALD

Since the second half of the 1980s, the global economy has been integrating ever more closely through multiform exchanges and the participation of more countries in these exchanges. In recent years, the integration of large emerging countries into global networks has altered the dynamics of...


In this original book, ten key experts explore four main themes: EU-Russia relationship background; energy security and its implications on Russian foreign policy and the European market; implementation of international norms by Russia; and security issues in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

By: Thierry de MONTBRIAL, Amar DRISSI, (eds.) , Khadija MOHSEN-FINAN, co-ordinator

Dubai is a place where success comes quickly. The emirate has comfortably turned itself into a major business centre, freeing itself from alienating dependence on oil and diversifying its economy into financial services, tourism, new technology and media. Its success breaks with the image of...

By: Aurélien DESINGLY, (dir.)

The present book is the main outcome of a one-day conference on Galileo held in Reims (France), in November, 2005. The conference chose to assess issues linked to the European satellite navigation program at a crucial time in its development, namely when it is entering its deployment phase...


Few regional areas have stimulated as much interest and speculations as Russia and the New Independent States.Emerging from the transition years through different ways, these countries are facing individual as well as joint challenges. In this original book, eleven key experts explore the...